Beach Hats

Having the good fortune to have grown up on the beach, Will Conner should know a thing or two about designing hats for the beach. A good beach hat should be able to get a little wet and a little crushed and still provide excellent sun protection.

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Floppy Beach Hat

A floppy beach hat will keep you stylish while getting great coverage from the sun. Our floppy beach hats are wide-brimmed, which makes it perfect for hiding from the sun while you're out sun bathing on the beach.

  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Natural / One Size Amy Summer Womens Raffia Hat
  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Natural / One Size Latin Quarter Ladies Raffia Sun Hat
  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Dark Toast / One Size McCloud Sun Protection Ladies Gardening Hat
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    Packable Beach Hat

    Our packable beach hats are designed to be travel-friendly and don't require much effort to get back into perfect shape. The mesh crown is designed to provide airflow to keep you cool even on the hottest beach day.

  • Cloth Hat Hiking Hats Khaki / Small Airflow Lightweight Recycled Outdoor Hat
  • Cloth Hat Outback Hats Beige / Small Aussie Cooler Canvas Mesh Hiker Hat
  • Cloth Hat Boating Hats Sun Shield Recycled Boater Hat
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    Straw Beach Hat

    We make hats from many varieties of straw and even some with recycled paper content. Some of our favorites are upcycled Wheat and Peanut straw and Raffia, all hand braided by skilled craftsmen and women.

  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Natural / One Size Amy Summer Womens Raffia Hat
  • Straw Hat Fedoras Tan / Small/Medium Avondale Park Fedora Hat
  • Conner Hats Gardening Hats Natural / One Size Bangalow Ladies Straw Gardening Hat
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