Collection: Floppy Hats

Our floppy hats are wide-brimmed women’s hat styles made from wool or different types of straw. These wide brimmed hats are perfect for hiding from the sun and the paparazzi. Excellent for a day at the beach or pool or hiding out at your favorite café.
Straw Hat Floppy Hats Summer in Charleston Wide Brimmed Toyo Hat

Collection Overview

Unveil an array of elegance with our enchanting Floppy Hat Collection. Each piece, meticulously crafted, captures the timeless allure of these wide-brimmed wonders, seamlessly blending sophistication with functionality. Whether it's shielding from the glaring sun or making a fashion statement at your favorite bistro, our Floppy hats are the quintessential companion for the modern woman.

Girl standing outside in Brown Wool boho floppy Hat Women's Hat

Product Highlight

The Lauren Floppy Wool Hat is a boho-styled accessory ideal for sun protection, crafted from ultra-soft 100% Australian Wool. It features a 4" brim, 4.5" crown height, is crushable, and has a satin adjustable inner band for a perfect fit. This hat is Responsible Wool Standard Certified, a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, and is handmade in China (PRC) from Australian Wool. Additionally, it has labels made from organic cotton and printed with vegetable dyes, with all tags being FSC Certified.

girl sitting on grass smiling in Plum colored Women's Wool floppy boho Hat

Material Spotlight

Wool Wonders: Dive into the luxurious feel of our woolen Floppy hats, tailored to offer warmth during cooler days while retaining breathability. Straw Selections: Our assortment of straw Floppy hats are lightweight, breathable, and crafted to perfection, offering an authentic texture and a summery vibe.

Girl in putty colored Wool  floppy boho Hat sitting down on grass outside

Why Choose Our Floppy Hats

Elegance Personified: Each Floppy hat is a masterpiece, showcasing sheer craftsmanship and a dash of vintage charm. Ultimate UV Protection: With wide brims, stay protected from harmful sun rays without sacrificing style. Versatile & Timeless: Suitable for any occasion, our Floppy hats are the epitome of fashion versatility. High-Quality Materials: Whether it's straw or wool, our hats guarantee durability and comfort, ensuring they last season after season.

Woman in Brown top wearing wool floppy boho woman's hat with wide brim

Styling Tips

Beach Babe: Pair your Floppy hat with a breezy maxi dress, gladiator sandals, and oversized sunglasses for the ultimate beach look. Café Chic: Sport a Floppy hat with a casual tee, ankle-length jeans, and ballet flats for an effortlessly chic café rendezvous. Garden Glamour: Attend your garden parties in a pastel midi dress, paired with a Floppy hat and block heels. Urban Explorer: Blend city vibes with a turtleneck, high-waist trousers, and your Floppy hat, completing the look with ankle boots. With our Floppy Hat Collection, dive into a world where elegance meets practicality. At Conner Hats, we ensure every Floppy hat not only resonates with your style but also enriches your experiences. Enjoy the limelight and the shade, all at once.