Men's Hats

We design our men's hats with the idea that clean simple lines will work better and suit our customer's needs. Keeping things as simple as possible and paying attention to the fine details has served us well. We pay attention to function without sacrificing fashion.
Aussie Golf Soakable Mesh Hat
$79.00 USD
Down Under Leather Hat
$86.00 USD
Merrik Cotton Newsboy Cap
$64.00 USD
Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat
$99.00 USD
Murchasin River Waterproof Hat
$77.00 USD
Lone Wolf Crushable Leather Hat
$89.00 USD
Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler
$98.00 USD
Weathered Cotton Bucket Hat
$59.00 USD
Aztec Boater Recycled Hat
$77.00 USD
Mountain Ventilated Packer Hat
$64.00 USD
Carson City Wool Bowler
$96.00 USD
Sun Shield Recycled Boater Hat
$78.00 USD
Aussie Surf Organic Cotton Hat
$64.00 USD
Black Creek Safari Hemp Hat
$76.00 USD