Newsboy/Flat Caps

This cap style has many names, Ivy cap, Gatsby cap, Driving cap and many, many more. In 1571 an act of parliament was created  that required all males over the age of six to wear a wool flat cap apparently  to stimulate wool consumption in England. This law didn’t apply to the upper class. So it was the working class who got to wear the cool caps and eventually its popularity spread across the world.
Merrik Cotton Newsboy Cap
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Brent Weathered Newsboy Cap
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Sinclair Gentleman's Newsboy Cap
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French Beret
$32.00 USD $54.00 USD

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Wool Newsboy Cap

Most of our wool comes from Australia and some from New Zealand and South Africa. Many styles are waterproof, crushable and provide excellent sun protection, making it an awesome material to craft Wool Newsboy caps.

  • Cloth Hat Newsboy/Flat Caps Grey / Small Alfred Gentlemans Herringbone Drivers Cap
  • Wool Hat Travel/Packable Hats Black / One Size French Beret
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    Linen Flat Cap

    Linen is made from the Flax plant. We love its soft feel and texture. This fabric has a very rich feel. Its breathable, lightweight, and cool to touch making it great for crafting flat caps.

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    Gatsby Cap

    There are two different methods that we use to make our cotton newsboy caps. First is pure organic cotton. We use organic cotton in our hats wherever possible.

  • Cloth Hat Newsboy/Flat Caps Brent Weathered Newsboy Cap
  • Cloth Hat Golf Hats Olive / Small/Medium Henry Long-Bill Newsboy Cap
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