Western Hats

The American Cowboy is recognized worldwide but not without his cowboy hat. Our selection of western hat shapes are designed for function first and they just happen to look good. We aim to craft the best women's cowboy hats and men's cowboy hats.
Jasper Raffia Western Hat
$74.00 USD
Lone Wolf Crushable Leather Hat
$89.00 USD
Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat
$89.00 USD
Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler
$98.00 USD
Arizona Wool Gambler
$99.00 USD
High Sierra Shapeable Leather Hat
$94.00 USD
Gunsmoke Western Toyo Hat
$74.00 USD
Tex Western Straw Shapeable Hat
$74.00 USD
Rt 66 Cowboy Raffia Hat
$74.00 USD
Pearl Western Raffia Hat
$72.00 USD
The Axe Western Hat
$96.00 USD
John Dear Western Raffia Hat
$74.00 USD

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