Western Hats

The American Cowboy is recognized worldwide but not without his cowboy hat. Our selection of western hat shapes are designed for function first and they just happen to look good. We aim to craft the best women's cowboy hats and men's cowboy hats.

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Western Straw Hats

Our Straw Cowboy Hats use either Organic Raffia or 100% Recycled Paper. They are coated with a non-toxic resin to keep them water resistant and strong.

  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Dark Brown / One Size Cascade Mountain Organic Raffia Western Hat
  • Straw Hat Western Hats Dark Brown / Small/Medium Country Western Raffia Shapeable Hat
  • Straw Hat Western Hats Coffee / One Size Durango Turquoise Western Hat
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    Wool Cowboy Hats

    Most of our wool comes from Australia and some from New Zealand and South Africa. Many styles are waterproof, crushable and provide excellent sun protection, making it an awesome material to craft western style hats.

  • Wool Hat Gamblers Black / Small Arizona Wool Gambler
  • Wool Hat Western Hats Black / Small Dakota Western Shapeable Wool Hat
  • Wool Hat Western Hats Outlaw Western Shapeable Wool Hat
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    Leather Western Hats

    Leather is an excellent hat material because it breathes and is extremely durable. A good leather cowboy hat will last you for decades. The leather has been treated with waxes and oils to repel the rain.

  • Leather Hat Outback Hats Brown / Small Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat
  • Leather Hat Outback Hats Brown / Small High Sierra Shapeable Leather Hat
  • Leather Hat Outback Hats Brown / Small Lone Wolf Crushable Leather Hat
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