The Ultimate Guide To The Best Fishing Hats

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Fishing Hats

Ready to cast a line in style (and comfort)?

Fishing hats are an ideal way to protect your skin from sun damage. And, the best fishing hats are waterproof in case of an accidental dip. From fit to features, this guide shares everything you need to know to find your perfect catch.

Just like your favorite flies, you should never leave home without a trusty fishing hat. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to figure out what you really need. But a few simple features go a long way. Here are the ones you’ll want in any situation. Plus, we’ve rounded up the top fishing hat styles that are tried, tested, and approved.

What Makes A Good Fishing Hat?

A good fishing hat is UPF-rated for guaranteed sun protection. It’s also durable and breathable so that it can handle high activity and hot weather conditions. Finally, the best fishing hats are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

UPF Rating

Ensuring that your fishing hat is UPF-rated is essential to your safety. Spending long hours under the sun and next to (or in) the water can quickly lead to skin damage if you’re not properly protected. Luckily, a UPF-rated fishing hat can keep you covered. Unlike sunscreen, which is easy to forget to reapply, a UPF-rated hat will protect you from harmful UV rays 24/7. Just make sure that any fishing hat you pick is UPF-rated with certification from a trustworthy third party, such as ARPANSA.


The last thing you want is a hat that can’t handle your favorite activity. The best fishing hats are made from durable materials such as recycled plastic or weathered cotton. If you tend to get wet when you’re fishing, look for waterproof fishing hats. And, choose a hat that’s made with quality practices. It might have a slightly higher price, but buying from a company that uses the strongest materials and stitches their hats to last will benefit you in the long run. 


Fishing in the heat of the day can get toasty. So, while you want to be protected from the sun, you’ll also want a hat that’s lightweight and breathable. The best fishing hats for hot weather typically feature some mesh areas and are made from materials that dry quickly. For another barrier against the heat, choose a light-colored hat. It will reflect the sun better than dark colors, keeping your head cooler.

How Should A Fishing Hat Fit?

A fishing hat should be snug around your head, but never uncomfortable. A loose hat will easily fly off when you cast your rod or reel in a heavy catch. But if it’s too tight, your hat can cause headaches. Typically, you’ll want your hat to sit about ½ inch above your ears, although your personal preference (and the style you choose) can change that. To find your hat size, use these simple measuring tips!

The 5 Best Fishing Hats For Men

Hit the water with these durable, UPF-rated fishing hats for men (and anyone who likes them). All these styles offer comfortable, unisex sizing.


best men's fishing hats

Indy Jones Water Resistant Cotton Hat

This UPF 50+ style is one that you’ll never want to take off. Made with durable and stylish weathered cotton, it’s got the look of leather with a more lightweight feel. Wear this hat on and off the water– you’ll look great anywhere.


Sunblocker Lightweight Hat

Casting your reel in a hot place? The Sunblocker hat is made for you. Featuring all-over mesh detailing, this light-as-a-feather hat is as breathable as they come. And it still packs a UPF 50+ rating


fishing bucket hat

Weathered Cotton Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are a classic style for fishing hats. With a comfortable fit and a laid-back look, it’s easy to see why. This style ups the game with a broken-in look and feel. Plus, it’s water resistant for those accidental splashes.


Aussie Surf Organic Cotton Hat

Look no further for a fishing hat with classic surfer vibes. If you’re taking to the ocean for your next adventure, bring this hat with you. It’ll keep you protected with UPF 50+ coverage. And the 100% organic cotton material is so comfortable, you just might forget that you’re wearing it.

Fishing Hats For Women: 5 Fantastic Styles

Lakeside to the deep ocean, these fishing hats for women (and anyone, really) are made to do it all! Unisex sizing and design make these styles perfect for any fishing enthusiast.


best women's fishing hats

Aztec Boater Recycled Hat

Add a little spark to your day with the colorful band detailing on this UPF 50+ hat. The Aztec boater hat features a longer brim to keep you covered. And a chin strap will keep it secure on bumpy boat rides and windy days.


fishing hats for women

Tarpon Springs Recycled Floating Hat

This bestselling style looks great on just about anyone. With a mesh crown detail to increase airflow, the Tarpon Springs hat is ideal for warm days. Don’t worry, it’s still got you covered with UPF 50+ protection. And for any accidents, this hat is waterproof and it floats.


Hiker Bucket Hat

On and off the water, this is a hat you’ll love. Made with soft organic cotton, it feels like a cloud. If you tend to feel restricted by hats, you’ll find peace with this style. A mid-length brim frames the face perfectly, and UPF 50+ coverage ensures UV rays never make it to your face.


baseball cap for fishing

Legionnaire Recycled Waterproof Hat

Like the simple baseball cap look, but want something better suited for fishing? The Legionnaire Hat takes the classic baseball look to the next level with durable and waterproof material. Its lightweight feel is ideal for active pursuits like fishing. And a back neck flap keeps those often burned parts of your body covered for good.


Extra Protection: Fishing Hats With Neck Flap

In need of serious sun protection? This style is for you. The Sun Shield Boater Hat is UPF 50+, and it features a stowable back sun shield that will completely cover the back and sides of your neck. The chin strap keeps it snug during windy conditions, and the lightweight material will keep you cool while you stay protected

Find your new lucky style! Shop our selection of the best fishing hats now.
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