Collection: Surfing Hats

For long casual days floating on a longboard, having a surf hat that stands up to the ocean and sun is as important as having the right surf wax. With soakable and water resistant options, Conner Hats affords you the opportunity to rock a salty dog look, or dry quickly while maintaining UPF 50+ protection. With cotton sweatbands and comfy chin cords, these surf hats for men and women will stay on, and keep you comfortable while you soak in those lovely little waves.
Man smiling in a Boonie bucket style hat made from organic cotton with wide sun protective brim and cotton chin cord

Collection Overview

Welcome to Conner Hats' Surfing Hat Collection. As waves break and the surf beckons, having the right gear is essential. Beyond the boards and the wax, a durable and stylish surf hat can make all the difference. Whether you're gliding on a longboard or conquering challenging waves, our hats are meticulously designed to suit every surfing need and fashion statement.

Woman standing next to a wooden surfboard in a Boonie bucket style hat made from organic cotton with wide sun protective brim and cotton chin cord

Product Highlight

The Tarpon Springs Floating Supplex Sailing Hat is specifically crafted for boaters, featuring a floating design courtesy of its construction from recycled plastic bottles. This hat boasts a dark green under brim to reduce glare, a secret pocket in the crown for storage, and is lightweight and packable with built-in ventilation. It's designed to be waterproof, resist shrinking or fading, with a 3.25" brim and a 4.25" crown height, making it a high-quality, practical choice for boating enthusiasts.

Conner Hats Seven Mile Surf Hat

Material Spotlight

Wave-Ready Materials: The carefully chosen materials for our Surfing Hats include:
Soakable Options: Dive right in and let your hat soak in the oceanic vibe. It's designed to give you that desired salty dog appearance.
Water-Resistant Choices: Enjoy your surf without the hat soaking up. It dries quickly ensuring you're ready for the next wave.
UPF 50+ Protection: Whether the sun is shining bright or playing hide and seek, our hats promise to shield you against harmful UV rays.

Conner Hats Seven Mile Surf Hat

Why Choose Our Surfing Hats

Surfer-Centric Design: Every hat is crafted keeping the surfer's needs in mind - from the cotton sweatbands that ensure comfort to the chin cords that promise a secure fit.
Versatility: Suitable for both men and women, our designs seamlessly blend with any surfing attire.
Protection Perfected: Beyond the stylish aesthetics, our hats offer superior protection against the sun, allowing you to focus on riding the waves.
Durable & Fashionable: Made to withstand ocean challenges while ensuring you stay in vogue.

Conner Hats Seven Mile Surf Hat

Styling Tips

Oceanic Ombre: Team a Surfing Hat with a gradient-colored rash guard for the ultimate ocean vibe.
Casual Cruiser: Pair your Surfing Hat with board shorts and a tank top, perfect for a relaxing day catching small waves.
Beachfront Brunch: Combine your Surfing Hat with a loose linen shirt and comfy flip-flops, ready for a post-surf meal.
Sunset Surf: Opt for a Surfing Hat with a tropical-patterned wetsuit, making your sunset surf sessions picture-perfect. Ride the waves, embrace the ocean's embrace, and always stay stylishly protected with Conner Hats' Surfing Collection.