Sun Protection

In the Beginning

When the first hat was fashioned thousands of years ago, it was probably for protection from harsh elements, including the sun. Like so many poignant lessons from our ancestors, we seem to have forgotten the simple, healthy act of donning a hat. We’re here to help you choose a hat for the adventures that your life is made of, all with an excellent UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating.

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Our Hat Materials Have Been Tested by the Experts

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has tested all of our hats materials to assure to highest quality UV protection. You will find UPF ratings on our hangtags and here on our site. If there is no rating on a particular style, that is because we feel the brim is too small (2”and under) to give adequate protection, or the hat is made with a material that does not pass the UPF test and/or has some kind of mesh allowing ultraviolet rays through.

* Some hats with mesh are rated if there is a sun protective backing. *

This information may save your life!

Some hat companies that know better aren’t being truthful with their UPF or sun protection ratings and I want to let you know the details so you can protect yourself and your family.

Before I give you those details below, everyone knows how damaging exposure to the sun can be. We all have friends who have had spots frozen or worse, skin cancer. Maybe you have had it or have it and need 100% confidence that you are being protected by your hat.

This is what we do to protect you

  • 99% of our hat materials have been tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). Australia has some of the highest skin cancer rates in the world and this is the agency we trust to give us accurate information in order to protect you. Any hat material not tested we just don’t even rate so you wont see a UPF rating on those few hats.
  • If any hat has a brim less that 2” or just over 5cm we don’t give it a UPF rating even if the material has been rated 50+ UPF. We don’t feel small brims can adequately protect your face, use this as a rule of thumb when purchasing from any hat company even if there is a rating on the hat.
  • If any hat has unprotected mesh on it, we definitely do not give it a UPF rating. Even if the hat has UPF 50+ material on the top of the crown and brim, if the sides are mesh sun is getting through and you could definably get burned.

Pay close attention to that last point, many hat companies are selling hats with mesh and claiming UPF protection, this misleading advertising is dangerous. To the right is an example of one of our hats we do not rate even though the brim and top of the crown are made with UPF 50+ material.

Some of our hats are rated at 25+, 35+, 40+ and 50+. The ratings under 50+ generally have a looser weave where small amounts of sun can get through. Still good but its worth noting if you are ever unsure about a hat, hold it up to the light or sun and if you see lots of light and holes etc. then question how well it will protect you.

We recommend those that are needing maximum protection use a zinc based sunscreen, please consider avoiding sunscreens with the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate in them as they have been proven to kill coral reefs and even enter your blood stream! Consider UPF protective clothing if you have to be out in the sun and of course a tested UPF rated hat!