Collection: Beach and Boho Hats

Having the good fortune to have grown up on the beach, Will Conner should know a thing or two about designing hats that work in and around the ocean. A good beach hat should be able to get a little wet and a little crushed and still provide excellent sun protection. The more wild side of a beach hat would be considered Bohemian or Boho. They tend to draw from hippy styles with a strong influence from the late 60’s. Gypsy girls, folk style, and salty sun drenched hair. Perfect festival hats for the free thinking girl or guy who doesn’t care for fashion but still wants to look good.

Collection Overview

Channel the spirit of the ocean and the freedom of Bohemian vibes with our Beach and Boho Hat Collection. Drawing inspiration from the coastal upbringing of our designer, Will Conner, and the iconic styles of the late 60’s, these hats seamlessly blend functionality with bohemian flair. Whether you're soaking up the sun by the waves or dancing freely at a festival, our Beach and Boho hats will accompany every free spirit on their journey.

Woman standing along a fenceline boho rancher style wide brim hat in color Putty

Product Highlight

The Mojave Boater Hat is designed to provide superior protection from the sun and elements, ideal for water-based activities. It's crafted from recycled plastic bottles, making it an eco-friendly, lightweight, and breathable choice. Notable features include a 3.25" brim, 4.25" crown height, and the ability to float on water. It also comes with a chin cord with a secure toggle, a ventilated crown, and is packable for travel. Additionally, it has a GOTS Organic Cotton Sweatband, an organic cotton inner pouch with care instructions, and is handmade in Sri Lanka.

Woman smiling and facing camera wearing wide brim wool hat  in color Putty showing chin cord and brown bikini top

Material Spotlight

Sturdy Yet Stylish: The essence of a perfect Beach and Boho hat lies in its material. Crafted to endure the beach elements, these hats can withstand moisture and retain their shape even after a few mishaps. On the Boho side, they resonate with free-spirited designs, ensuring that every hat is a piece of art in itself.

Wool Hat Boho Hats NorCal Open Road Outdoor Hat

Why Choose Our Beach and Boho Hats

Authentic Designs: Designed by Will Conner, who lived the beach life, authenticity shines through each hat. Versatile Wear: Perfect for a day on the sandy shores or a night at a music festival. Durability: Made to handle both the saltiness of the beach and the wildness of Boho adventures. Distinctive Style: Bohemian vibes meet functionality, creating a unique fashion statement.

Man with long hair in garden wearing straw Boho hat with two toned rope style hat band

Styling Tips

Sun-Kissed Beach Day: Team your Beach and Boho hat with a flowy sundress, gladiator sandals, and layered necklaces for a chic beach look. Music Festival Ready: Pair your hat with a fringed vest, denim shorts, and ankle boots for the perfect festival ensemble. Laid-back Evenings: Opt for a Boho maxi dress, leather sling bag, and your hat for an effortless dinner look by the shore. Everyday Bohemian: Combine your hat with a simple tee, flared jeans, and layered jewelry for an everyday free-spirited outfit. Rediscover the magic of the beach and the free spirit of Boho with our unique collection. Dive into a world where the waves meet wanderlust, and every hat tells its own story. Shop our Beach and Boho Hat Collection today