Collection: Cruelty-Free Wool Hats

There’s nothing quite like a 100% wool hat. It’s supremely soft and comfortable, while remaining durable and ready for use in nearly any season. Our wool hats are UPF 50+ for ultimate skin protection. Want wool hats with brims? Need boho styles? If you’re looking for a versatile hat that can be worn in any situation, look no further than one of our expertly crafted cruelty-free wool hats.

To create the world’s first cruelty-free wool hat, we first had to go back to our supply chain and make sure we only use wool from farms in Australia that do not practice Mulesing, then track that specific wool from our distributor in China to our factory. Each shipment is certified Non-Mulesed wool and all parties, including the sheep, are very happy with the results. Mulesing is the removal of chunks of skin on the buttocks of the sheep to stop a disease called Flystrike. Over 20 million Merino lambs are Mulesed in Australia each year.

Hopefully by educating people on this topic, Australia might consider the alternatives to this cruel practice. There isn’t really much of an increase in costs in the finished hat, it’s just a process that most manufacturers couldn’t be bothered to undertake or perhaps didn’t know existed. We encourage other hat manufacturers and wool users to consider a change. It took us approximately two years to sort out the details and luckily there are more and more Australian farms with a holistic approach to sheep farming so more non-Mulesed wool is available now. You can read more about cruelty-free wool from our friends at

Man outside in stiff raw edge western outback wool hat with wide flat brim in Brown color with dark leather band

Collection Overview

Step into a world where style meets compassion with our range of 100% Cruelty-Free Wool Hats. Meticulously crafted and consciously sourced, each hat in this collection not only exudes elegance but also upholds the principles of ethical fashion.

Man on porch wearing cattleman shaped western wool hat in Putty color with feather accent and turned up snap brim

Product Highlight

The Banjo Paterson Wool Hat is crafted from 100% Australian waterproof wool, designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It features a straight flat raw edge brim for ample sun protection and is made stiffer than other wool hats by Conner Hats, aiding in maintaining its shape. This hat is a tribute to Banjo Paterson and the adventurous spirit, encapsulating a sense of rugged elegance for those who are drawn to the wild and unpredictable nature of the outdoors.

Man outside in plaid shirt wearing outback wool hat in color Brown with leather hat band and Conner emblem

Material Spotlight

Our hats are not just about style, they're about the story behind their creation. We take pride in using only 100% cruelty-free wool, obtained from farms in Australia that completely eschew the painful practice of Mulesing. This process ensures that our wool is not just soft and resilient but also a testament to our commitment to ethical fashion. We also ensure complete traceability of our wool, from the distributor in China to our factory, reinforcing our pledge towards cruelty-free fashion. With each shipment certified as Non-Mulesed wool, we ensure that our commitment to cruelty-free practices is unwavering.

Woman smiling and facing camera wearing wide brim wool hat  in color Black showing chin cord and brown bikini top

Why Choose Our 100% Cruelty-Free Wool Hats

Ethical Luxury: Our hats promise unparalleled style without compromising on principles.
Certified Comfort: Experience the softness of 100% wool that's also certified cruelty-free.
Protection with Style: With UPF 50+, our hats provide maximum sun protection.
Educate with Elegance: By choosing our hats, you also participate in the mission to educate others about the need for cruelty-free fashion.

Man wearing Conner hats Humphrey wool Bowler/Derby hat in color back with feather trim and grosgrain band and trim

Styling Tips

Classic Elegance: Team your cruelty-free wool hat with a trench coat, knee-length boots, and a scarf for a timeless look.
Boho Vibes: Pair with a flowy dress, ankle boots, and layered necklaces for a bohemian flair.
Casual Day Out: Wear your hat with a cozy sweater, jeans, and sneakers for a laid-back yet chic look.
Business Ready: Match with a structured blazer, pencil skirt, and heels for a sophisticated work
Embark on a journey of style with a conscience. Our 100% Cruelty-Free Wool Hats are more than just fashion accessories; they're a statement against inhumane practices. Choose to make a difference with each hat you wear.