Collection: Golf Hats

Whether with colleagues or friends, the golf course has become a popular place to flash a unique swing and unique style, and golf hats from Conner Hats can accommodate all manners of function and fancy.  You can give the game’s founders a tip of the cap with a Scotch-style newsboy golf hat, or you can maximize your coverage with a breathable, wide-brim sun protection golf hat.  With both men’s and women’s golf hats available, compliments on the course are a ‘gimme.'
Man sitting in cabin wearing Conner hats organic cotton newsboy golf hat in color Olive

Collection Overview

Step onto the green with confidence and style with our range of Golf hats by Conner Hats. Bringing together the timelessness of the sport with contemporary fashion trends, our collection seamlessly blends performance with panache. Whether you're an aficionado of the classic styles or a fan of the modern athletic look, we've got just the right hat to elevate your golfing

Product Highlight

The Alfred Gentleman's Herringbone Drivers Cap is ideal for individuals seeking a sophisticated style. It is crafted with a herringbone tweed and features an organic cotton inner band for comfort. This cap is made from a wool blend and includes a satin lining. It can pack flat for travel, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go wear. Additionally, it has an organic cotton sweatband, eco-friendly labels and tags, and is handmade in Sri Lanka, ensuring a quality crafted product.

Material Spotlight

At Conner Hats, we prioritize quality and functionality in our materials:
Tweed and Wool: Perfect for the cooler months, these materials lend an air of vintage charm to our newsboy caps.
Performance Fabrics: Lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable, they're ideal for those hot summer rounds, ensuring you stay cool and dry.

Why Choose Our Golf Hats

Style Meets Function: Our golf hats aren't just stylish; they're designed to offer optimal comfort during your game.
Versatility: With options for both men and women, our range caters to every golfer's unique style preference.
Protection: From sun protection golf hats to more traditional caps, we ensure that you're
shielded from the elements while you play.
Tradition and Modernity: Whether you wish to tip your hat to the game’s founders or sport a more modern look, we have a hat for every golfer.

Styling Tips

Go Vintage: Pair your newsboy golf hat with a polo shirt and plaid trousers for a classic golfing look reminiscent of yesteryears.
Modern Athletic: Team the Sun-Shield Wide Brim Hat with athletic wear for a contemporary, sporty look.
Accessorize Smartly: While the hat is a statement in itself, a coordinated glove or shoes can pull the entire look together.
Maintenance: To ensure longevity, always store your golf hat on a flat surface or a hat stand to retain its shape.
With Conner Hats, elevate your golfing attire, ensuring that while your swing may not always be perfect, your style certainly will be! Play the game with flair, comfort, and unmatched style.