Collection: Organic Cotton Hats

At Conner Hats we’re proud to use organic cotton as much as possible, as the absence of herbicides and pesticides is not only better for our customers, it is better for the farmers we partner with and the earth we enjoy. Aside from aiming to be an industry leader for cotton hats, we are proud to make environmentally conscious decisions whenever the opportunity presents itself. Organic Cotton hats as soft as a cloud, and now as clean as one too.
Woman profile in Olive organic cotton field army fatigue cap with silver buttons on side

Collection Overview

Explore our distinctive collection of Organic Cotton Hats. Crafted with passion and a deep commitment to the environment, each hat echoes our pledge to sustainability. Conner Hats showcases a range where fashion effortlessly intersects with responsibility, bringing you a collection as comfortable as it is conscientious.

Product Highlight

The Aussie Surf Organic Cotton Hat is an eco-friendly accessory ideal for outdoor activities, offering robust sun protection with a wide brim. This hat is crafted from certified organic cotton, featuring a 3.25" brim, 3.25" crown height, and a chin cord with a secure toggle. It's designed to pack flat for travel convenience, and comes with a UPF 50+ rating for sun protection. Additional features include an organic cotton sweatband, an organic cotton pouch with care instructions, and it's handmade in Sri Lanka.

Conner Hats Newsboy/Flat Caps West Palm Organic Cotton Newsboy Cap

Material Spotlight

Organic Cotton - Nature's Bounty: The splendor of our hats lies in the magic of organic cotton:
Pure & Untainted: Grown without the use of any herbicides or pesticides, ensuring each strand retains its natural purity.
Softness Reimagined: Experience a softness unparalleled, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
Eco-friendly Farming: Embracing farming methods that are beneficial for our earth and farmers alike.
Breathability: Organic cotton's natural properties ensure that your head remains cool and comfortable.

Cloth Hat Field Caps Reuse Organic Cotton Army Fatigue Cap

Why Choose Our Organic Cotton Hats

Skin-Friendly: Free from harmful chemicals, our hats are gentle on your skin.
Sustainable Choice: Your decision directly impacts the well-being of the environment and farming communities.
Lasting Durability: Despite their soft nature, these hats promise prolonged wear.
Ethical Fashion: Take pride in wearing a hat that is as kind to the planet as it is stylish.

Conner Hats Boating Hats Summer Boater Organic Cotton Hat

Styling Tips

Summer Elegance: Pair your Organic Cotton Hat with a sundress or shorts for the ideal
summertime look.
Beach Ready: Their breathable nature makes them perfect for those sun-soaked beach days.
Earthy Tones: Embrace outfits in earthy hues to complement the natural charm of your hat.
Casual Comfort: Pair it with a simple tee and jeans to let the Organic Cotton Hat shine as the star accessory.
At Conner Hats, our Organic Cotton Hats are more than just headgear – they’re a movement towards a more sustainable and harmonious world. Join us in this journey where style meets substance, where each hat is an emblem of eco-friendly fashion.