Collection: Caps and Newsboys

The original Baseball Cap was made famous by the Brooklyn Excelsiors who first wore a version of the six panel cap in 1860. Before it was known as the “Baseball cap” it was called the Brooklyn cap. The classic six panel cap is the most famous form of headwear today and the choices are limitless. We have created some unique versions including Dad caps and we also include the beloved Newsboy cap in this category. This cap style has many names, Ivy cap, Gatsby cap, Driving cap and many, many more. In 1571 an act of parliament was created  that required all males over the age of six to wear a wool flat cap apparently to stimulate wool consumption in England. This law didn’t apply to the upper class. So it was the working class who got to wear the cool caps and eventually its popularity spread across the world. We also feature the French Beret in this category, a true classic!