Collection: Fedoras

What a history! Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones, Hipsters, Johnny Depp, Gangsters and prohibition. Fedoras first became popular in the "Roaring 20’s". Looking back at photos of people from that time, I marvel at the sea of fedora hats in every shot. People wouldn't go outside without a hat in those days. Our fedoras are made from a wide variety of premium materials and they capture the romance of that extraordinary era. Send yourself back in time with the perfect fedora hat style for you.

Collection Overview

A timeless classic that transcends the boundaries of decades and fashion trends, the Fedora hat has carved its niche in the annals of style. Evoking the vibrant energy of the Roaring 20s, the Fedora encapsulates an era where elegance and panache were paramount. With the likes of Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones, and Johnny Depp donning this iconic hat, Fedoras have not just been a part of fashion but also a piece of cultural heritage.

Product Highlight

The Detroit Wool Fedora from Conner Hats is a fashionable item available in one size, with size details listed on a chart on the product page. The hat has a classic design with a grosgrain bow band and a feather accent, also featuring a snap-up brim. The product images show a gold satin lining and an organic cotton inner band with a secret pocket, presenting a stylish and functional choice for both men and women.

Material Spotlight

Crafted from an array of premium materials, our Fedoras are not just about style but also about substance. The meticulous attention to detail ensures durability, while the fine quality of the materials offers unparalleled comfort. The result? A hat that feels as good as it looks.

Why Choose Our Fedoras

Timeless Elegance: With designs inspired by an age of unparalleled charm, our Fedoras are a must-have for those who appreciate timeless style.
Premium Craftsmanship: Made from the finest materials, each Fedora promises longevity and comfort.
Iconic Style Statement: Donned by legends and celebrities, the Fedora is more than a hat – it's an icon.
Versatility: Perfect for a formal evening or a casual day out, our Fedoras seamlessly
complement a myriad of outfits.

Styling Tips

Classic Cool: Pair your Fedora with a tailored suit, crisp white shirt, and polished shoes for a Sinatra-inspired look.
Casual Chic: Team it up with a leather jacket, basic tee, jeans, and boots for a Johnny Depp-esque vibe.
Adventurous Spirit: Channel your inner Indiana Jones with khakis, a rugged shirt, and sturdy boots.
Modern Hipster: For the contemporary urbanite, wear your Fedora with a patterned shirt, skinny jeans, and loafers.
The Fedora, with its rich history and undying charm, is more than just a hat. It's a statement, a legacy, and an ode to an era of unbridled glamour. Experience this journey through time with our curated Fedora collection.