Hat Styles Guide: The 22 Most Popular Types of Hats, Explained

With so many different hat styles on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the different types of hats to choose from, take a look at this hat style guide. We’re breaking down the 22 most popular hat styles, and you’re sure to find one you love! Types of hats have changed over time, but these hat styles have remained classics for good reason.


Now one of the most popular hat styles on the market, baseball caps became popular in the 1860’s when the Brooklyn Excelsiors first wore a version of the six-panel hat style. This type of hat features a mid-sized bill in the front and five to six panels of fabric that are finished with a small button on the top. Baseball caps are great for everyday wear as they’re a durable hat style that offers good sun protection for your face. And the variety of materials and subtle styles of baseball caps make this a hat style that can be dressed up or down for many occasions.

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Also known as sun hats, beach hats are made for bright days outside. This popular brimmed hat style is made from lightweight materials such as straw or raffia to offer a respite from the heat of the day. Perhaps most importantly, the large circular brim of sun hats offers protection from dangerous UV rays that can harm your skin. Beach hats are all about combining style and function, so they’re made from quick-drying materials that can handle being tossed in the sand or in your beach bag.



The beret hat style originated in the 17th century in the Basque country between Southern France and Northern Spain. This area is home to the Pyrenees mountains, and Berets are still commonly worn there today. Often thought of as painter hats or artist hats, berets are made of wool, cotton, or synthetic materials (we only make 100% cruelty-free wool berets). This round, soft, and slightly poofy hat style offers insulation from heat and cold along with a classic French style.


Boater Hats

The boater hat, also know as a skimmer hat, is a summer hat that was most popular in the 1800’s and 1900’s. A classic skimmer hat is made from straw and features a small to medium sized brim, a flat top, and a ribbon around the crown. Boater hats have a timeless style that makes them a great choice as a warm-weather hat that can be worn on the water and to more formal occasions. At Conner Hats, we’ve revamped the boater hat style to meet functional needs as well as high style. Crafting with sustainable materials, we’ve developed skimmer and boater hats that are water resistant, quick drying, and a few styles that even float!

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Boho Hats

Drawing from the laid back, hippy style of the 60’s, boho hats are one of the the most popular floppy hat styles. Perfect for the free spirit looking for a new music festival hat, this wide brim hat type has a classically cool vibe that’s easily dressed up or down. With many different colors and brim sizes, the boho hat style is flattering for many face shapes. Plus, floppy hats offer great sun protection for the hat lover that’s always on the go.

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Bowler Hats

Originating in Britain in the 1800’s, bowler hats were created to solve the issue of top hats that fell off too easily when riding horses. Bowlers hats quickly gained popularity in the USA and became known as derby hats. For the same reason as bowler hats gained popularity in Britain, derby hats were put to good use in the American Southwest where horse riding and other rough activities made top hats unsuitable. This durable hat style is made with hard felt and sports a shorter brim. Made iconic atop the head of Charlie Chaplin, bowler hats remain a classic hat style today.

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Bucket Hats

Also known as boonie hats, bucket hats are a hat style that’s no stranger to hard work. Boonie hats gained popularity during the Vietnam War, and are now commonly used for sun and rain protection. This soft hat has a medium sized brim and and chin strap, so the protection it offers from the elements stays put all day long. It’s supreme comfort and packability make the bucket hat a good choice for travel.

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Cloche Hats

The close fitting, bell shaped cloche hat style brings you back to a different time, when speakeasies were in use and the roaring 20’s were in full swing! Often know as a flapper hat, cloche hats are a soft and comfortable hat style made from wool. They come in many colors and sport embellishments around the crown to fit any style.

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Fedora Hats

Fedoras may have gained popularity in the 20’s, but they’re still one of the most popular types of hats today. An iconic symbol of Frank Sinatra, the fedora hat has evolved over the years into slightly different hat styles such as the Pork Pie, Trilby, Snap Brim, and Stingy Brim. This classic hat has a timeless style that’s characterized by a small brim that turns up at the back. Our own revolutionization of the fedora hat style has led us to create classic styling with a variety of sustainable and high quality materials for a selection of fedoras make to last a lifetime (and tread lightly on the environment).

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Field Caps

This type of hat is often known as a military cap due to it’s use in the military wardrobe of some countries. In some ways similar to the baseball cap, field caps feature a a flat top instead of the baseball caps rounded top and a stiff, slightly rounded visor. Military caps offer distinction from the common baseball hat while keeping the same durable design elements.

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Gambler Hats

This hat shape is a blend of western and outback style. With a wide brim and distinctive oval crown, gambler hats are made of many different types of hat materials. This makes them suitable for a range of occasions and types of weather. At home in the days of riverboat casinos floating along the mississippi river, gambler hats are a comfortable hat style that offers great sun protection. The modern gambler hat is the perfect style for those who want a taste of western flare in a toned-down style.

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Homburg Hat

In search of the Godfather hat? The Homburg hat is the style you’ll want. Worn by Al Pacino in the Godfather movie, the Homburg hat is sometimes known as a gangster hat. This type of hat is easily identified by its crown, which features a deep center dent. Homburg hats are oval shaped with gently curved-up sides. This classy style is the perfect way to level up any outfit.

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Newsboy and Flat Bill Caps

This hat has many names, but all carry its distinctive style. Sometimes called a Ivy, Ascot, or Duck Bill cap, the newsboy or paper boy cap came into style through an act of the government. In 1571, parlament enacted a law that required all men six years and older to wear a wool flat cap. Apparently enforced as a way to stimulate wool consumption, the flat bill cap style has since gained popularity all over the world. With a low profile, this style sports material that extends from the crown all the way to its short brim. Similar to the peaky blinder hat, the newsboy cap is a classic style that can be made with a variety of materials for use in any climate or occasion.

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Outback Hats

The Australian father and and son team at Conner Hats knows a thing or two about outback hats, to say the least. The aussie hat style is crafted for the tough extremes of the Australian outback. While the Australian hat style was made popular by Crocodile Dundee, its durable build goes beyond looks. Outback hats are crafted with hardworking materials like leather and cotton and have a wide brim that dips down in the front and back, offering premium protection from the sun.

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Safari Hats

Built to be right at home in hot desert climates, safari hats are a go-to style when looking for a hat with great sun protection. With a gently downward sloping brim that’s medium to large sized, safari hats are made with many materials. If having a lightweight and cool hat is most important, choose a safari hat made with mesh. Looking for ultimate sun protection? Pick from upf 50+ safari hat styles made of hemp and organic cotton.

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Trucker Caps

An offshoot of the ever-popular baseball hats, trucker caps have nearly the same shape as baseball hats, but they have mesh panels for all but the two front pieces of fabric. Trucker hats are usually adjustable via snaps along a back strap, and are a hat style that’s gained mass popularity.

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Panama Hats

This straw hat style originated in Ecuador and gained popularity during the 19th century, when many miners in the California Gold Rush travelled through Panama. With a thick weave and a medium sized brim, panama hats were the answer to the need for sun protection in hot tropical areas. The light color and beautiful weave of panama hats makes them a great match for fabrics like silk and linen. And that puts the panama hat style right at home at any warm-weather occasion.

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Pith Helmets

Originally created as helmets for tropical military forces, pith helmets have a distinct, round crown and are made from breathable materials- usually straw. This type of hat is sometimes seen on postal service workers in the United States and is also quintessential to safari expeditions and tropic explorations.

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Steampunk Hats

A segment of victorian-era fashion, steampunk hats celebrate the 19th centuries advent of steam powered machinery and beautiful victorian clothing. Steampunk hats are regaining popularity as fashion statement all on their own. Using classic hat styles like top hats and bowler hats, steampunk style adds cogs, chains, and lace to create eye-catching and unique hat styles.

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Top Hats

Ah, the shining icon of true class. Top hats are perhaps the most widely know type of hat. With a tall crown and a small brim, top hats were originally used by the highest members of society in the 1800’s. Now, this novelty hat is the epitome of formal attire (or a fun occasion)!

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Wedding Hats

Your special day requires a one-of a kind hat. From fancy fascinator hats to matching styles for the entire bridal party, wedding hats add a special touch to any ceremony. Wedding hat styles vary greatly depending on the wedding location. For warm weather events, beach wedding hats offer respite from the shade without compromising style. Throwing a black tie event? Choose a wedding hat that rises to the occasion.

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Western Hats

This iconic style of the American southwest features a very wide brim crafted to keep the elements away from your face. Usually sporting a brim that turns up on the sides, the classic cowboy and cowgirl hats are made for function above all else. Western hats are made from a variety of materials for different uses. Waterproof cowboy hats are one of the best types of hats for rainy days on the ranch. And lightweight straw cowgirl hats are best for dusty and hot mid-summer days.

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