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This cap style has many names, Ivy cap, Gatsby cap, Driving cap and many, many more. In 1571 an act of parliament was created  that required all males over the age of six to wear a wool flat cap apparently  to stimulate wool consumption in England. This law didn’t apply to the upper class. So it was the working class who got to wear the cool caps and eventually its popularity spread across the world.
Woman wearing grey houndstooth newsboy cap by Conner hats

Collection Overview

From the bustling streets of old England to the contemporary avenues of today's metropolitans, Newsboy Caps have withstood the test of time. With a lineage dating back to the 16th century, these iconic caps, also renowned as Ivy caps, Gatsby caps, and Driving caps, began as a symbol of the English working class but soon evolved into a global fashion emblem.

Man wearing weathered cotton newsboy cap flat cap in color Brown

Product Highlight

The Merrik Cotton Newsboy Cap is designed for both style and protection against the elements. It's made from a water-resistant cotton blend known as Weathered Cotton (52% Cotton, 48% Polyester). This cap can be packed flat for travel, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go wear. It also features an organic cotton sweatband, labels from organic cotton printed with vegetable dyes, and all tags are FSC Certified. This hat is handmade in Sri Lanka and offers free shipping for orders over $75.

Man outside near lake wearing cotton Newsboy Flat Cap with leather accent and buttons

Material Spotlight

Wool - The Heart of the Newsboy Cap: At the very core of the Newsboy Cap's legacy lies wool - a material that's as rich in history as the cap itself. It's not just about honoring tradition; wool brings durability, warmth, and a plush texture that enriches the cap's aesthetics.

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Why Choose Our Newsboy Caps

Historical Elegance: Our Newsboy Caps carry forward the essence of old England, merging historical significance with contemporary design. Quality Craftsmanship: Each cap is meticulously crafted, embodying both comfort and durability. Versatile Style: Whether you're driving through the countryside or exploring urban alleys, our caps fit seamlessly with any outfit or occasion. Authentic Materials: Made from premium wool, our caps not only pay homage to tradition but also offer unmatched quality.

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Styling Tips

Casual Cool: Pair your Newsboy Cap with a casual tee, rugged jeans, and leather boots for a laid-back look. Classic Gentleman: Elevate your style by teaming the cap with a tailored suit, crisp shirt, and polished shoes. Weekend Drive: Don the cap with a polo shirt, chinos, and driving shoes for a relaxed yet stylish road trip attire. Evening Out: Match your Newsboy Cap with a sleek jacket, dark jeans, and ankle boots for an effortlessly suave night-out ensemble. Dive into our collection and embrace a hat that's not just about fashion, but a rich tapestry of history, class, and culture. With our Newsboy Caps, you don't just wear a hat; you wear a legacy