Collection: Gardening Hats

No need to be sunburned and fatigued after all of the digging and weeding is done. Relax and take the time to enjoy all of your hard work under one of our gardening hats. No green thumbs required.

Collection Overview

Discover the essence of outdoor serenity with our exclusive Gardening Hat Collection. Crafted for those who nurture nature, our hats are the epitome of both protection and style. Here at Conner Hats, we understand the sun's challenges during those dedicated gardening hours.
That's why we've meticulously designed hats that not only shield you from the sun but also compliment your garden aesthetic. Dive into our collection, and let your gardening journey be sunburn-free and stylish!

Product Highlight

The Jasper Raffia Western Hat features a 4.25" crown height, a shapeable brim, and a vented crown for better airflow. It also has a premium soft inner terry stretch band for comfort, and eco-friendly labels and tags made from organic cotton printed with vegetable dyes. All tags are FSC Certified, indicating responsible forest management. This hat is handmade in China (PRC), and is eligible for free shipping on orders over $79.

Gardening sun hat

Material Spotlight

UV Resistant Fabric: Our Gardening hats are crafted with premium materials that offer
outstanding UV protection, ensuring your skin remains shielded even during peak sunlight hours.
Ventilated Weave: Experience the coolness with our hats, thanks to the breathable fabric which promotes air circulation.
Endurance Build: Our hats are designed to withstand the rigors of gardening, be it the
occasional water splash or the dust from potting.

Woman outside near garden pot wearing straw women's sun protection hat in color Taupe with chin cord

Why Choose Our Gardening Hats

Superior Sun Protection: Dedicate time to your plants without the sunburn worries.
Trendy Yet Functional Designs: Whether it's pruning or lounging by your garden, do it in style.
Comfort Beyond Measure: With our breathable fabrics, say goodbye to the sweaty discomfort.
Sustainability at Its Core: Many of our hats incorporate eco-friendly materials, resonating with the true spirit of gardening.

Woman outside enjoying flowers wearing straw women's sun protection hat in color Toast with chin cord

Styling Tips

For the Garden Soiree: Team your Gardening hat with a flowy sundress, simple earrings, and comfy flats for the perfect garden gathering look.
The Planter's Outfit: Combine your hat with sturdy jeans, a tucked-in tee, and garden gloves for a ready-to-plant vibe.
Casual Day Out: Not just for gardening, sport the hat with a casual tee, shorts, and your favorite sneakers for a relaxed day out.
Nature Walks: Enhance your nature walk experience with our Gardening hats, paired with leggings and a comfortable top.
At Conner Hats, we believe that every gardening moment should be cherished, protected, and stylish. Our Gardening hats are a testament to this belief. Cultivate your garden dreams under the comforting shade of our hats.