Collection: Summer Hats for Women

Summer time and the livin' is easy! Our collection of women’s summer hats will keep you cool and protected from the sun's harsh rays so you can be outside doing what you love, longer.  Our summer hats come in all shapes and sizes - shop a selection of large summer hats for maximum protection from the sun or breathable vented hats for when the the mercery rises. Whatever your personal style, you'll find the best summer hats here.
Straw Hat Floppy Hats Summer in Charleston Wide Brimmed Toyo Hat

Collection Overview

Embrace the sun-drenched days of summer with confidence and style. Our Women's Summer Hats collection promises both comfort and chic, ensuring you not only look the part but also remain shielded from those fierce UV rays. Whether you're a beachgoer, a city stroller, or just looking to spruce up your summer attire, our curated selection has got you covered, quite literally!

Sitting on the beach in Women's raffia straw wide brim hand crocheted summer hat with an open weave vent in crown and edge

Product Highlight

The Boulder Beach Hiking Hat is ideal for outdoor adventures, crafted with hand-crocheted organic raffia. It features a 3" brim, 4" crown, and is crushable for easy packing. With a UPF rating of 25+, it offers sun protection, and the premium soft inner terry stretch band ensures a comfortable fit. This hat is handmade in China, with labels printed using veggie dyes and FSC certified tags, showcasing a blend of quality and eco-friendliness

Staring out to sea in Women's raffia straw wide brim hand crocheted summer hat with an open weave vent in crown and edge

Material Spotlight

Cool and Lightweight: The secret to our summer hats' comfort is in the fabric. Prioritizing breathability and lightness, each hat promises to let your skin breathe while keeping the sun at bay. From organic cottons to innovative blends, our materials are chosen to withstand summer's challenges while ensuring you remain effortlessly cool.

Woman wearing Conner hats Tuscany straw wide brim ladies sun hat with chin cord

Why Choose Our Summer Hats

UV Protection: With the increasing awareness of the sun's harmful effects, our hats promise to offer significant UV protection, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worry.
Trendsetter Designs: We believe protection shouldn't come at the cost of style. Our designs seamlessly blend contemporary fashion trends with timeless classics.
Comfort First: Nothing ruins a summer day like an uncomfortable hat. Our hats promise a snug fit, ensuring they remain a pleasure to wear throughout the day.
Diverse Range: From minimalist designs to vibrant patterns, our collection caters to every fashion palate.

Woman with surfboard wearing straw wide brim ladies sun hat with chin cord

Styling Tips

Boho Beach: Complement a large-brimmed summer hat with a bohemian maxi dress, layered necklaces, and gladiator sandals for that ultimate beach goddess look.
City Sleek: Opt for a vented hat paired with high-waist shorts, a tucked-in blouse, and chic sunglasses for a day out in the urban jungle.
Garden Party Glam: Don a floral summer dress with a matching hat, wedges, and a statement clutch for those summer garden soirées.
Casual Day Out: For a relaxed look, team your hat with a tank top, denim jeans, and
comfortable sneakers.
Embrace the summer vibes and keep it stylish with the finest in Women's Summer Hats.