Collection: Boating Hats

Cast away your worries with the sun protecting style of our Boating Hats collection! Designed with water fun in mind, our boat hats keep your face safe both on and offshore. What really makes Conner the best hats for boating? Well, some of our hats floats so there’s that. But more importantly, we always design and produce with sustainability as our guiding star. Time to set sail with your new Boat Hat by Conner Hats
Woman smiling in recycled sailing boating hat with chin cord in Sand color

Collection Overview

Ahoy, hat enthusiasts! Introducing the quintessential Boating Hats collection by Conner Hats, carefully curated for all your maritime escapades. Whether you're captain of your vessel or just catching the horizon from the shore, our hats promise the perfect blend of style, function, and sustainability, ensuring every voyage becomes a memorable journey.

Man walking in field wearing Sun Shield hat

Product Highlight

The Mojave Boater Recycled Hat is designed for superior protection from the sun and elements, ideal for water-based activities. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it's lightweight, breathable, and eco-friendly. Features include a 3.25" brim, 4.25" crown height, floating capability, flat packing for travel, a chin cord with a secure toggle, a ventilated crown, GOTS organic cotton sweatband, an organic cotton inner pouch with care instructions, a clip system for security, eco-friendly labels and tags, and is handmade in Sri Lanka.

Man on the beach wearing Sand colored recycled cloth boating sailing hat Hat that floats and has a sun protective ventilation system and secure chin cord for hands free work

Material Spotlight

At Conner Hats, we've handpicked materials that reflect our love for the environment and respect for quality. Our boat hats are made using eco-friendly processes, ensuring they’re as kind to the earth as they are to your skin. The lightweight, breathable fabric keeps you cool while guarding against the sun's relentless rays.

Man on deck wearing Olive colored recycled cloth boating sailing hat Hat that floats and has a sun protective ventilation system and secure chin cord for hands free work

Why Choose Our Boating Hats

Unsinkable Design: Some of our hats float, ensuring that an accidental drop doesn't mean a lost hat.
Eco-Conscious Crafting: Steering by our commitment to sustainability, each hat is a testament to responsible fashion.
Ultimate UV Protection: Tailored to protect, our hats keep harmful sun rays at bay, letting you enjoy uninterrupted sea time.
Timeless Appeal: Infusing contemporary designs with classic appeal, our hats complement every sailor's ensemble.

Woman outside wearing cloth recycled boating sailing hat in color Sand showing chin cord

Styling Tips

Riviera Ready: Pair your Boating hat with a striped tee, shorts, and boat shoes for a classic maritime look.
Cruise Elegance: Don a flowing maxi dress, sandals, and your favorite Conner boating hat for a relaxed, chic cruise evening.
Care Tip: After a day on the water, let your hat air dry naturally. This maintains its shape and longevity.
Accentuate with Accessories: Think nautical-themed bracelets or marine-colored scarves to seamlessly blend with your Boating hat and elevate your look. Anchor your seafaring style with Conner Hats. From sunrise sails to twilight harbors, trust our Boating Hats to navigate you through every maritime moment with pan