Collection: Western Hats

The American Cowboy is recognized worldwide but not without his cowboy hat. Our selection of western hat shapes are designed for function first and they just happen to look good. We aim to craft the best women's cowboy hats and men's cowboy hats.

Collection Overview

Embodying the spirit of the rugged American West, Western Hats are not just a statement piece but a testament to a way of life. With the silhouette of the iconic cowboy hat recognized across the globe, Conner Hats presents a collection that merges function with fashion, echoing the timeless elegance of this classic hat style.

Product Highlight

The Jasper Raffia Western Hat from Conner Hats comes with a 4.25" crown height, a shapeable brim, and a vented crown for better airflow. It also features a premium soft inner terry stretch band for comfort, and eco-friendly labels and tags made from organic cotton printed with vegetable dyes. All tags are FSC Certified, indicating responsible forest management. This hat is eligible for free shipping on orders over $79.

Material Spotlight

At Conner Hats, materials matter:
Sturdy Felt: Often made from wool, rabbit, or beaver, felt has been the go-to material for cowboy hats due to its durability and ability to repel water.
Straw Varieties: Perfect for those hot summer days, our straw western hats are both breathable and stylish, offering a lightweight option for comfort.

Why Choose Our Western Hats

Tradition Meets Style: While function remains our primary focus, our design team ensures each cowboy hat is a head-turner.
For Everyone: With designs suited for both men and women, we believe the spirit of the West is universal.
Diverse Materials: From the rugged durability of felt to the breezy comfort of straw, find the perfect material for every season.
Craftsmanship: Each hat is meticulously crafted, ensuring longevity and top-tier quality.

Woman outside wearing western straw hat in color Black with silver conch and faux leather band

Styling Tips for Cowboy hats

Casual Cowboy: Pair your Western hat with denim jeans and a casual shirt for a laid-back cowboy look.
Rodeo Ready: Get rodeo-ready by teaming your hat with cowboy boots and a leather belt.
Accessorize Thoughtfully: Western hats are already a strong statement. Opt for subtle
accessories to maintain balance in your ensemble.
Caring for Your Hat: Dust and minor spills can be cleaned using a soft bristled brush. For felt hats, regular brushing in a counter-clockwise motion can maintain its pristine look.
Dive deep into the spirit of the American West with Conner Hats' Western collection. Where tradition, function, and style converge, you'll find a hat that's more than an accessory - it's a statement. Whether you're out on the ranch or in the heart of the city, our Western hats ensure you carry a piece of the West wherever you go.