Exploring Wild Australia

Exploring Wild Australia

What better place to test how well Conner hats keep you cool and protected from the sun than a road trip through the Kimberley, in the heart of the Australian outback?

When our good mate (and super talented photographer) Nick Green suggested he and a few friends put a few of our hats to the test, we were very happy to oblige. 

Situated in remote northwestern Australia and almost exactly the size of California, the Kimberley holds a population of around 50,000 people. This place is truly wild, beautiful and untouched.

The Windjana Gorge is especially stunning, with limestone cliffs and a healthy population of freshwater crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks of crystal clear pools.

Feel like a short drive through the neighborhood? Try 660 km on the unpaved Gibb River Road. To really enjoy this drive you need at least two weeks, a reliable 4WD and some solid camping gear. Oh, and no need to call home, there is no cell phone reception! But, think of all the beauty you’ll see. You may even truly get to know your friends without that phone distraction.

When you’re out there under that big sky remember to bring a little piece of cool along with you…your mini oasis, your Conner Hat.

Swimming in the Outback

Desert Hiking

cave exploring

swinging over water with hats

road walking with hats

road trip

swinging over water

swimming after your hat

cliff jumping



4wd exploring


hiking in the desert

outback tree


kimberly swimming

limestone in the kimberly

hiking along limestone cliffs

palm trees

big night sky stars constellations

water sliding


fun on the waterfall

the outback view


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