Going The Extra Myle

Going The Extra Myle

Myles McGuinness

I met Myles over twenty five years ago in St Augustine, Florida. I had recently arrived there from Australia and back then, if you traveled anywhere in the world, you would meet most surfers in the area quite quickly. Myles is a sharp witted guy and super tenacious and in my opinion make good qualities for friendship. Those qualities also keep me on my toes if I ever want to catch a wave while surfing with Myles, so luckily for me he spends some of his time capturing amazing images of surf and the natural beauty that we are all drawn to.

Myles is a traveler at heart which makes for a perfect test pilot for Conner hats. These images Myles captured of himself on a solo camping trip in Big Sur wearing our Bac PaC Traveller hat. You can check out more of his work at www.9mphoto.com


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I love your hats and your business philosophy.
I have the mountain trail hat but I’m looking for a wool hat and will probably eventually buy one of you hats.
Thank you for planting the trees.
A discount would also be nice.
Marty Gilbert

Martin Gilbert

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