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The 2023 Hat Trends To Watch Out For

It’s a brand new year, but one thing hasn’t changed. Hats are still in vogue in 2023. From trending hats for guys to the bucket hat explosion, this is your go-to guide for 2023 hat trends.

Like all things, hats tend to move in and out of mainstream style. And last year, these multifunctional accessories found themselves in the center of it all. From street style to the runway, no look was complete without the right hat. And in 2023, it will continue.

This year, you’ll see a continuation of many top styles from 2023. And, a few nearly-forgotten looks will resurface. Influence from popular TV shows is high. So the 2023 hat styles will show a mix of cultural influences.

summer hat trends 2023

Hat Trends For Spring 2023: Pick The Beret

Thanks to the sweepingly popular TV series, “Emily In Paris,” this classic Parisian hat style is an obvious choice for spring 2023 hat trends. And while Emily might have brought berets back into the limelight, they’ve never been far from it. This chic, understated hat is the easiest way to class up any look. 

In spring 2023, don a timeless black beret. It’ll keep your head protected from chilly weather. But this year, let your guard down a bit when you style it. Berets have been classically paired with more professional attire. In 2023, wear yours with an oversized sweater or jean jacket. It’s the perfect way to rock the nonchalant look that’s trending this spring.

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Summer Hat Trends 2023: Easygoing Boho Styles Are In

As the weather starts to warm, swap that wool beret for a boho hat. The bohemian aesthetic has been popular for years, and it’s not going anywhere in summer 2023. Choose a medium-brim boho hat for daily wear. An easygoing, slightly floppy hat is a great pick for anything from grocery store runs to brunch dates. For maximum versatility, choose from neutral tones like beige, gray, and olive green.

For festivals and fancier events, consider a long, flat-brim boho hat. This hat style began trending last fall. And it’s easy to see why. The stiffer, long brim provides great sun protection for hot summer days. And when paired with a sundress or jumpsuit, you’ll look perfectly put together. If you’re closer to the coast, consider a lighter-colored option. For events closer to the mountains or countryside, try out medium tones such as honey, brown, and tan.

Headed to the beach? Bring along a raffia boho hat. The light color and beautiful texture of raffia automatically fits in next to the water. And it’s a lightweight, breathable pick. Perfect for the endless sun and heat of summertime. Big, floppy summer hats are on-trend once again for summer 2023. Pair them with chunky sunglasses for a truly chic look.

are bucket hats in style 2023? Yes!

Bucket Hat: The 2023 Hat Of The Year (Again)

No matter the month, there’s one style that’s always welcome. So if you’re wondering “are bucket hats in style for 2023,” this is your answer. Without a doubt. 

The rise of Gen Z fashion trends brought this ‘90s hat back to center stage. And in 2023, everyone from fashion icons to children will be rocking the bucket style. It’s no longer reserved for beachside days, either. In 2023, street fashion trends include the bucket hat. So feel free to rock your favorite one anywhere you are this year. As the bucket trend explodes, expect to see more mixing of materials, colors, and prints. This deceptively simple style is becoming more eye-catching than ever.

New to the bucket hat trend? Start simple with a neutral tone, like this organic cotton option. It’ll fit right in with the coastal fashion aesthetic that’s a favorite this year.

trending hats for guys

Trending Hats For Guys In 2023

So, what’s in store for the men this year? Again, popular TV shows play a role in style trends. Plus, an old favorite is subject to resurface this fall.

Cowboy Hat

“Yellowstone” fans, rejoice. Thanks to this ever-popularizing show, cowboy hats are getting more mainstream attention than ever before. Make the tough-guy aesthetic your own by donning a cowboy hat in 2023. In particular, wool-felt cowboy hats will be a top pick for spring and fall. These hats are best paired with a button-down shirt or a jean jacket. Swap out sneakers for boots, and you’ll nail this trend.

Western-Inspired Hats

Not ready for a full-on Yellowstone experience? Don’t fear. More loosely inspired styles are trending for guys, too. If you’re not ready for a cowboy hat, look for hats with similar characteristics. The outback hat, often seen as the Australian version of a cowboy hat, is a great choice. This style features a similar crown and brim size. But outback hats don’t have curved brims. Or, the pinched crowns cowboy hats are known for. Also on the docket? Gambler and safari styles.

Bucket Hats

We said it already, but we’ll say it again. A list of trending hats for guys in 2023 wouldn’t be complete without the bucket hat. This easygoing style is one that every man should own. For the ultimate laid-back weekend look, pair a printed shirt with your favorite bucket hat and a relaxed pair of jeans. Bucket hats also offer excellent sun protection for golfing and hiking. Plus, they’re uber-packable. This makes for an ideal vacation and travel hat.


Are the early 2000s coming back? They just might be. Fedoras are slated to make a serious comeback in fall 2023. With a small brim and face-flattering pinched crown, they’re a great style for nearly anyone. In early fall, pick a straw fedora to ease the transition from warm to cooler weather. Once the temperature drops, consider a wool-felt fedora. And for special events? Choose a style with a decorative band or feather detail.

To Trend Or Not To Trend

Fashion trends offer fun and enjoyable ways to express yourself. But remember, nothing beats a piece of clothing that you’ll always feel good in. It’s always a good idea to prioritize well-made, durable items. And, as you can see, most hat styles come into fashion again and again. Many never go out of style. So, consider investing in a hat that’ll last for years to come.
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