Material Spotlight: Fighting Plastic Pollution With Hats Made From Recycled Plastic 

Material Spotlight: Fighting Plastic Pollution With Hats Made From Recycled Plastic 

It’s clear that plastic isn’t good for the environment, but what do we do with the plastic that’s already been created? Recycling plastic into durable, long-lasting items is one solution. Wondering how the transformation from trash to treasure happens? Read on to discover how we create hats made of recycled materials.

As a company deeply committed to making products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, the material we use in our hats is extremely important for several reasons. First and foremost, making hats that last reduces the need to create more items, and it keeps piles of cheaply made items out of the landfill. Second, the material a hat is made of plays a big role in its environmental footprint. Hats made from recycled materials offer a way to give new life to an already created (and discarded) material.

As it turns out, recycled hats made from plastic water bottles are amazingly tough and naturally waterproof.

The Plastic Problem

Whether you’re aware of it or not, plastic is likely a large part of your daily life. From plastic packaging of food items to synthetic materials (like those used to make most athletic clothing), this petroleum-based material is frighteningly prevalent.

Plastics are incredibly strong and, therefore, take upwards of 400 years to decompose. At the same time, 40% of the plastic created today is single-use only. This means that a piece of plastic, like a wrapper, may have a useful lifespan of mere seconds, but it’ll live on for hundreds of years. Plastic pollution is extremely dangerous to plant and animal life, which is a key reason why proper recycling is essential.

We know that creating more plastic isn’t the solution, but with more than 400 million tons of plastic currently being created each year (not counting the plastic already siting in landfills world-wide), finding a sustainable solution to the plastic already on the planet is essential. This is why making recycled hats can be part of the solution.

Creating a Second Life For Plastic With Hats Made From Recycled Materials

But, how does one go from a pile of plastic bottles to a…hat? With the advanced technology we have access to today, the process is more simple than you might think.

Meet Repreve

With the prevalence of greenwashing (a company or product claiming to be eco-friendly when the truth is far from it), it’s more important than ever to have suppliers that are traceable and trustworthy. That’s where our supplier, Repreve, comes it. Repreve creates certified, traceable recycled materials from plastic bottles. By partnering with them, we know the material we receive is guaranteed to be made from recycled water bottles. Here’s how they do it:

How It Works

At one of the most advanced recycling centers in the United States, Repreve diverts plastic bottles from landfill streams. In the recycling facility, bottles are washed and cut in to small pieces. Then, each piece is melted down and small beads of uniform plastic are created.

In this new form, the plastic can be placed into advanced machines that melt and spin it into thread. From there, the thread can be used to make many types of fabrics and materials. By the end of the process, durable, useful material has been created using 90% less water and 70% less energy than it would take to create the same material with virgin plastic.

Next, it’s time to turn that material into high-quality Conner hats.


The End Result: Recycled Hats

At the Conner Hats facility, the fabrics and materials created by Repreve are carefully measured, cut, and sewed into our signature, handmade hat designs. With careful attention to quality craftsmanship, we further our sustainable efforts by crafting recycled hats that will last for years to come. Thanks the durable fabric weaves and natural qualities of Repreve fabrics, our hats made from recycled materials are UPF rated, crushable, and waterproof. Some of them even float! Not bad for a piece of trash that would’ve only been used for a few seconds, right?

5 Hats Made From Recycled Plastic That You Can Feel Good About Wearing

Outfit your next adventure in a recycled hat that’s giving disposable plastic bottles a second life.

hats made from recycled materials

Airflow Lightweight Recycled Outdoor Hat

This is a recycled hat for the hottest of days. Made with Repreve recycled plastic fabric and mesh, the Airflow hat is breezy, light, and quick drying. From hot days on the golf course to humid treks, this style has you covered.

Mojave Boater Hat

This UPF 40+ recycled hat has more than a few tricks (and sustainable features) up its sleeve. If you’re out on the water, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Mojave hat floats. Why? Because it’s supported by a band of algae foam. That’s right. Rather than use a petroleum-based foam, we use BLOOM algae foam, a 100% natural alternative. In the organic cotton sweatband, you’ll also find a hidden secret pocket for storing tiny essentials.

Sun Shield Recycled Boater Hat

Look no further for the ultimate recycled sun hat solution. The Sun Shield hat is made with recycled plastic fabric that has a UPF 40+ rating. And it features a stowable back shield that offers total protection for the back of your neck.

recycled hat

Tarpon Springs Recycled Sailing Hat

The perfect mix of sun protection and breezy, the Tarpon Springs recycled hat is a Conner Hats bestseller for good reason. With a mesh band designed to keep your head cool, it’s perfect for hot days on and off the water. The UPF 40+ rating will make sure your face remains sunburn-free, too. Plus, this is another one of our styles make with algae bloom foam, and it floats, too.

A More Sustainable Future, One Hat At A Time

While there’s no one answer to creating low-impact products, we do our very best to pick the materials we do with care. Every time you choose a hat that’s made with recycled materials or renewable textiles, you’re investing in a greener future for all.

Recycled and ready for a lifetime of use. Shop hats made from recycled materials.

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