How to Clean a Felt Hat

How to Clean a Felt Hat

Hi everybody, this is Will from Conner Hats. Today, I’m going to show you how to
clean a wool felt hat. Everything you need to clean your hat is probably already around your house. If not, a quick trip to the local hardware or grocery store will do the trick. The next material we’re going to clean is a wool hat.
My favorite way of cleaning lint is taking packing tape, and using the sticky side,
and just going around the hat. You can get dust, dirt, and all kinds of bits and pieces of things. Dog hair, that’s a big one. If you really get a lot of dog hair, this is a great one if you have pets. So, that’s one technique. Another technique is using a simple paintbrush. If you have a nice one laying around, you can brush off the dust. Sometimes, you need a stiffer brush to get out some dirt you have in your wool hat. You can see how you can rub it one way or the other the way the wool hat has been made.
You can kind of brush the pieces all one way or the other way. Another
technique that’s a little bit more extreme if you have a hard stain in there is sandpaper. You have to be really careful with sandpaper because you can rub off a little layer and you’ll come up with a funny look. It will take your stain away, but you’ll have a little patch there that seems missing. So you want to go really lightly and rub that. Sometimes, you’ll take a surface oil possibly, or a little bit of dirt and that’s a great way of cleaning that.
The last way, people don’t always think about it, but just simple water and a cloth, and you can drench it in some nice wet water. Almost all of our wool hats are waterproof, so if you can take some water and just wash something out of it, then you’re going to be fine. Don’t put it in a washing machine or anything like that. Some people put them in dishwashers, not a good idea, but just take the water and really wash it down.
The main thing with doing that is you have to let it dry naturally. So let the hat dry
naturally and a little bit of a brush after that, and you should be good to go.
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I bought a felt hat for my husband and he loves it! We use them a ton out here in Wyoming. However, we found the other day that a barn cat had decided to mark his turf on my husband’s hat. Ugh! It’s on the top, so I’m wondering how we can clean it out without damaging the hat?

Laura Watson

Hi Will,

I recently bought and received the Carson City Wool Bowler hat…love it!Been looking for a bowler hat for ages and this one definitely fits the bill.

My question is about curling the brim. I’m a shorter guy, so I find that hats with slimmer brims suit me better. The 1.75" brim on the Carson City hat works pretty well, but when I hold the brim in a bit by hand at the sides only, I prefer that look.

Is there a way for me to curl the brim in myself, or is that something that has to be professionally done?

Love the hat, really glad I stumbled upon your site!



Adrian John

How would I reshape a wool hat that has been damaged? Thank you!


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