How to Clean A Straw Hat

How to Clean A Straw Hat

Hi everybody, this is Will from Conner Hats. Today, I’m going to show you how to clean a straw hat. Everything you need to clean your hat is probably already around your house. If not, a quick trip to the local hardware or grocery store will do the trick. The Conner Hat range of straw hats, we have quite a few different materials. We have raffia straw, and this is a toyo, which is a paper straw.
We have lots of others, but today, we’re just going to show you how to clean these two. It would work for all of the different varieties of straw that we carry. One of my favorite ways to clean a straw hat is using some packing tape. You take the packing tape, sticky part on the outside, and you can get all kinds of dust and dirty things off your beautiful straw hat with this method. Secondly, if you need something a little bit softer, you could take a nice brush, and brush all the dirt and dust off.
Thirdly, even softer, a nice paint brush. You can get anything you need. If it’s
been sitting in the closet for a year - hopefully you’re wearing your hats and not letting them sit too long. The dust is going to settle and you can take care of that. If you happen to get some dirt on your hat, if you’re outside working, falls over in the garden, the easiest way to get rid off it is to take a nice cloth, put some simple water on it, and just rub the dirt off and wash it.
That’s going to pretty much clean your straw hat. It’s not going to hurt it. Just let it dry naturally.
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How would you recommend cleaning the sweatband on the inside of the hat?

Ken Burgett

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