How to Steam & Reshape a Felt Hat

How to Steam & Reshape a Felt Hat

In this video, we’re going to show you how to bring your hat back to its original, new condition. The next hat we’re going to steam or reshape is a wool hat. Most hats that you probably own have a pinched crown or a round crown or some kind of a shape that a blocking machine has created.


Basically all that is a mold with some pressure and some heat. It's a little
bit of stiffening in there sometimes, and it makes the shape of the hat. Let’s say that your hat’s been sat on or it’s been really folded and stuffed in a position for a really long time, it’s so easy to fill it up with steam. That will basically soften the wool and it will pop it. It will remember the original shape that it was in.


If you want the brim to change a little bit, if it’s got a bit of a wave in it, just soften
it up and take it. You can lay it flat on a table and get it back to a nice shape. We have a round crown wool hat here. Sometimes, you can just pop them back out. Other times, you’ll pop them back out and there will still be a mark or a crease. Just give it nice steam, both sides, and smooth it back out. All this can be done from something you probably have lying around the house. And as always, when you're finished, have a nice cup of tea or coffee.


Sit back and look at the amazing thing you’ve done. You made your hat brand
new again.

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