How to Steam & Reshape a Straw Hat

How to Steam & Reshape a Straw Hat

In this video, we’re going to show you how to bring your hat back to its original, new condition. The next material I’m going to show you how to revamp is straw. So I’ve intentionally chosen some really beaten up straw hats here. This particular one on top is a Western Shapeable straw hat. Inside the brim, there’s a wire so you can really shape the wire to get it back to the classic taco roll if you want to shape a western hat.


At the same time, you’ve got this bit of a div here. That’s the actual straw that’s been sat on or it’s been in a bad position for quite a while. So to fix that, go straight over to your tea kettle and just soften that straw up on the bottom and also on the top. Then you can easily mold it back into shape. It becomes really malleable and then you can just sit it down and let it dry naturally.


The next hat is a Toyo hat. This particular shape is a bowler, and you can see
that the bowler is supposed to have a nice, round crown flipped up. This one is all wobbly and wonky. So you take your hat and maybe you’ve been on an airplane and it was stuffed in the overhead locker. Maybe it was in your suitcase and got crushed. This is the way when you get to your hotel, or wherever you are, take a tea kettle and you can steam it up real nice.


Look at that, it just comes back to shape, going all the way around the edges
here. Now if I do that for another few minutes, that’s going to be absolutely perfect. You can see in thirty seconds, the job’s almost done.

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Hi. Thanks for the informative video! I wonder what you’d suggest to regarding reshaping a straw hat without the wired brim? The maker is Brand/Summer Club and it is straw with some sort of finish so it is not easily reshapeable but at the same time flexible.




Fun! Thanks for that lesson. Question for you: do you have suggestions for cleaning a straw hat to remove sweat stains? Thanks.


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