Hat Care: 10 Easy Tips To Make Your Hat Last A Decade Or More

Hat Care: 10 Easy Tips To Make Your Hat Last A Decade Or More

A good hat is like fine wine– it’ll get better with age, as long as you take care of it. Learning how to store a hat and how to clean it properly will go a long way into ensuring that your favorite accessory lasts for years.

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly worn-in hat. The way it fits your head just right, how the brim is tilted just the way you prefer. 

But a worn-in hat can quickly turn into a worn-out hat if your hat care isn’t up to par. Learning how to take care of a hat is essential if you want your favorite accessory to keep its charm. Luckily, keeping your hat in top shape isn’t as hard as it might seem. When you know how to clean your hat and store it properly, you’ll be well on your way to a hat that can last for decades or longer.

10 Hat Care Tips To Make Your Hat Last

1. Start with the right hat

might not be what first comes to mind when you think of ways to extend the life of you hat, but it should be. Even the best hat care can’t save a hat that’s been cheaply made. The easiest way to ensure a long life is to start with a hat that’s made to last. Look for one that’s made with durable materials such as leather, cruelty-free wool, or organic cotton. Then, take a look at the hat companies standards. Are their hats handmade? Finally, glance at the reviews. A hat with a good reputation says a lot about how well it’s made.

2. Keep it out of direct sunlight

When your hat’s not being worn, keep it in a darker place. Direct sunlight can cause your hats color to fade. This will make it look older and more worn, even if it’s new! To keep your hat in its best condition, don’t leave it next to windows or rooms that receive bright sunlight during the day. And if you spend a lot of time in bright sun, look for a hat material that won’t fade in color, like recycled plastic

3. Learn how to store a hat

Now this is essential. Learn how to store your hat, and make sure you’re doing the right thing for its specific material. Hats are best placed on a hat rack when not in use. But if you don’t have one, store your hat upside down on its crown. This might sound counterintuitive, but it keeps your hat brim from flattening over time. And of course, keep your hat well away from pets that might wreak havoc on it.

4. Invest in a hat box

If you’re storing your hat for an extended period of time, say putting a summer hat away for the winter, a hat box is a must have hat care tool. It’s just what it sounds like– a box made for storing your hat. Hat boxes keep your favorite style free from dust, wet conditions, or misshaping. In particular, hat boxes are ideal for wool hats, which can be prone to damage from pesky moths. A sturdy and well sealed hat box will keep them free of such pests.

5. Properly pack your hat for travels

When you have a hat that you love, it’s likely that you’ll want to take it along for a trip. However, this is where many hats find their ruin. Make sure to learn how to pack a hat for travel before you set off. Use this video guide to get started.

6. Learn how to clean your hat

Another downfall that many hats face is cleaning. If you don’t clean your hat, it will develop a musty smell over time. And, it’ll likely collect scuffs and marks that tarnish its look. Practicing correct hat care requires that you learn how to clean your hat. But you can’t simply toss it in the washing machine. Cleaning your hat will look different depending on the material you choose, but it’s always best done by hand. Follow this guide to find step-by-step instructions on how to clean a hat.

7. Keep your hat fresh

Avoid the need for a deep clean by keeping your hat looking fresh on a daily basis. Use a soft bristle brush to gently sweep off any dust or dirt before it has a chance to sink into your hat. And if you wear your hat during a hot, sweaty day, give it a chance to dry off completely in a open space before you store it in a hat box

8. Wear your hat in the right seasons

While many hats can be worn most times of the year, avoid wearing your hat in seasons that it’s just not meant for. If you wear a hot leather hat in the heat of summer, it’s likely that it’ll develop sweat stains and an unpleasant odor fairly quickly. And if you wear a straw hat in the rain or water, it’ll quickly lose its shape. Instead, invest in a few different styles that will perform in the conditions you need them for.

9. Remove hat wrinkles with steam

While a few wrinkles aren’t the end of the world, they can build up over time and become deeper and deeper with the years. Luckily, keeping your hat wrinkle-free is easy. All you need is some warm steam. So, heat a pot of water or a tea kettle until it’s steaming. Then, gently hold your hat over the steam to soften it. Once the wrinkled area of your hat has softened, it’s easy to use your fingers to stretch and press the wrinkles out. Once you’re satisfied with the result, let you hat cool completely in a safe, dry place.

10. Apply waterproofing spray

Those unexpected storms can catch us all, so applying waterproofing spray to your hat is an easy hat care tip that’ll make it more resistant to water. This also means that your hat will be less likely to stain if it comes into contact with that occasional mess. Just make sure to test the waterproofing spray you use on an interior part of your hat first. 

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I’ve had my AUSSIE WOOL CRUSHER HAT for ~3 yrs.
It is doing fine although it could use a new feather arrangement.
It has a couple of buckthorn berry stains that cannot be removed with mild soapy water.
It also has quite a bit of accumulated sweat stains where it’s been in contact with my head.
Can it be Dry Cleaned, or is there some other method that might work?
I don’t want to damage the wool and realize I must waterproof it again.
Thank you in advance for your reply!Sincerely,Richard.

Richard Bramwell

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