How to Waterproof a Hat

How to Waterproof a Hat

In this video, we’re going to show you how to waterproof your Conner Hat. Our preferred waterproof spray is a product called Nikwax. We sell it here on our website. It’s non-toxic, and it does a fantastic job. And I’m going to show you how to waterproof a wool hat, a leather hat, a straw hat, and a cloth hat. The first hat I’m going to show you how to waterproof is a wool hat.


So the directions on the back say hold the spray nozzle about five centimeters
from the product that you’re waterproofing. I prefer to move it a little bit further back, you want to spray generously so it’s really even. Just keep going around,
even-even-even. Keep in mind this is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about
breathing any of this stuff in or getting it on your skin. Totally harmless. So you can tell it’s basically all over the hat.


You can do this a few times if you’d like. I like to spray it, and then I take a nice cloth and just rub the whole thing down and rub it in. If there’s any drips or anything that could be kind of making it uneven, this will even everything out and make it really nice. Once that’s all wiped down, you can do it over any leather or any material on the hat. Let it dry naturally.


And then if you feel like you want to do it again, go for it. If not, that should be
perfectly waterproof in a downpour. The next hat I’m going to show you how to
waterproof is an oily leather hat. You can waterproof a suede hat, you can waterproof this oily leather hat. It doesn’t matter what type of leather, this is going to work. So yes, this hat’s already water-resistant with its oils and waxes in there, but this will just give it that little extra. So you take the hat, let’s say like 10 centimeters away, and spray it evenly.


You might notice that it’s getting a little darker and you see some little drips and
drops on there. That’s okay. Spray all around and try to make it as even as possible and then take it and wipe it down. That is going to make your hat perfectly waterproof. Just wipe it and rub it in. You want to rub it in before it dries so that it’s nice and even. After that, let it dry naturally, and you’ve re-waterproofed and waterproofed your hat.


So I’m going to do two materials at once here. On any kind of cloth or straw, just take it. Now you’re going to notice that this cloth is going to get a little bit wet looking, so just keep it pretty far away on this one. Make it nice and even.
You’ll see there’s a couple of drips on this hat, but that’s ok. Just take it and wipe it down. Now this one is probably the scariest one to waterproof because you’ll see little droplets that look like they're stained, but it’s not. It’s going to dry clear, but it’s good to give it that wipe down.


Same with the straw hat. Give it a bit of a spray all the way around, nice and
even. Wipe it down, and you’ve just waterproofed your hats. You’re good to get out in the rain. If you need to do it again, go for it. It’s all non-toxic as I said, and that’s our Nikwax waterproof spray that you can pick right up here on our site. Now here’s to waterproof! Totally dry!

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