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How to Wear A Fedora Hat: Best Fedora Hat Styles For Every Occasion

What is a Fedora Hat?

Fedoras can come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, the term “fedora hat” stands more for a set of characteristics than a designated style. But you’ll find a few classic features that combine to create this iconic style.

For starters, most fedoras  have a small brim. Typical brims are between two and four inches in length, though some variations offer shorter or longer brim lengths.

The crown is generally between four and six inches high. But the true hallmark of a fedora is an indented style. Most are pinched near where the top and sides of the hat meet. And, fedoras are known to be versatile. So, while a particular hat might come with a soft indent at the front of the crown, it can usually be bent and shaped to fit the wearers personal preference. This makes for a style that’s easily worn in various settings.

Classically, fedora hats were made of soft felt. Over time, new materials have been experimented with and felt is no longer the only material used for this style. Now, you’ll find that there are many types of styles that are crafted from various materials.

Fedora Hat Styles

Back when hats were an essential component of daily dress, fedoras were a go-to style for many. Originally, the fedora was typically associated with lower class workers. But as mens fashion became more casual, this style turned mainstream. The fedora style could easily be worn for work and more formal events, which made it a top choice for those that didn’t own more than one hat.The same holds true today. 

Thanks to Frank Sinatra and Al Capone, it’s a widely recognized look that’s seen today on famous musicians and everyday people alike. These popular fedora hat styles easily transfer between work, leisure, and formal events.

Classic Wool Fedora

 buster fedora

You can’t go wrong with a classic wool fedora. This style was made popular by Frank Sinatra, and it’s still an iconic look today.

Pork Pie Fedora

pork pie fedora

This style features an extra short brim, usually less than two inches in length. Pork Pie Fedoras are best worn by those with a longer, thin facial structure. If you have a larger head, this style might make you look slightly disproportionate. Consider a wider brim instead.

Straw Fedora

 casablanca fedora

Opt for a straw fedora during warmer weather. This style keeps a classic look while updating it to fit the slightly more casual feel of summertime events. Plus, straw makes for a great vacation hat. Wear it on the beach and out to dinner.

Leather Fedora

leather fedora

Leather adds just a touch of edge to this style. The material makes for a durable hat that’s a good match for outdoor activities and hard work.

How to wear a Fedora Hat

Fedoras are a timeless hat that compliments nearly every face shape. If you’re new to hat wearing, this is a good place to start. Use these tips on how to wear a fedora hat to achieve a timeless look for many different occasions.

Choose a fedora that best suits your style

When you’re shopping around, find a hat that fits your style. Do you tend to wear blacks and greys? Pick a classic fedora in a darker color to compliment your existing clothes. If you live in an area with warmer weather, consider straw or a lighter color. Are you picking out something for a special occasion? Choose a color that is the same shade or slightly lighter than your suit.

Consider subtle colors for maximum versatility

Fedoras come in a wide range of colors and many have additional accents. If you’re looking for a hat that you can wear in as many situations as possible, look for neutral colors. Black, grey, navy, and brown are good tones for daily wear. When you want to spice up the style, consider adding a small feather or choosing a different colored or patterned ribbon.

Find the right fit and brim length for your head

A well-fitting hat is the most important part of wearing a fedora. If your hat is too tight, it can cause headaches. And if it’s too loose, it can appear oversized or easily slip off. Always follow a company's fit guide when choosing a hat. If you’re ordering online, look for a business that offers free shipping and returns- that way you’ll have no reason to settle for less than the perfect fit.

Wear a style that compliments your face. If you have a larger head, consider a slightly wider brim. Conversely, if your head is smaller, look for a shorter brim. Keeping the brim in proportion with your head offers a balanced look that will compliment your face.

Pair it with the right clothes

A fedora offers a timeless look and you’ll want to style it accordingly. Generally, fedoras are worn for more formal occasions, but when styled correctly, they can be used casually as well. The most important thing to keep in mind is correctly pairing your hat and clothing based on its formality. For example, if you have a formal black felt fedora, pair it with dress clothes. A slightly less formal style could also be worn with dark jeans and a button-up shirt. If you’re wearing a straw fedora, the more casual material works well with beach attire. Regardless of the formality or casualty of your attire, fedoras always pair well with a collared shirt or jacket.

Don’t over-accessorize 

When you’re wearing a fedora, use it as the focal point of your attire, especially your upper body. As a fedora already protects your face and eyes from the sun, it’s usually best to wear one without sunglasses.

Knowing how to wear a fedora hat is a great way to easily add an extra touch of style to your wardrobe.

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