How To Wear A Floppy Hat and Really Pull It Off

How To Wear A Floppy Hat and Really Pull It Off

Floppy sun hats can frame your face and take your outfit to the next level, all while keeping your skin protected from harsh rays. If you’ve never rocked a big hat before, just follow these tips on how to wear big floppy hats, and you’re sure to look great in this popular style.

The Secret to Wearing Floppy Sun Hats: Proportion

Trying on a big floppy hat for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Especially if you typically lean towards more subtle accessories. But there’s a secret to finding floppy sun hats that look great on you. It all comes down to proportion. For example, if the hat you’re trying on is extremely oversized, but you have a petite frame, it might feel like it’s overshadowing your figure. The right floppy hat will be in proportion with your body type, outfit style, and hair length.

Finding the right-sized floppy hat for you

Ready to find your perfect fit? If this is your first time trying out the big, floppy hat style, you might want to consider trying a few different versions of this type of hat. In general, look for a hat with a brim size that is proportionate to your body. If you’re taller, you’ll likely find that a floppy hat with an oversized brim looks great, whereas if you’re shorter, you might feel more confident with a slightly shorter brim. But remember, the most important thing is that you feel great in the hat style that you choose!

Creating a proportionate outfit

Once you’ve picked out a floppy sun hat that you love, try it out with a few different outfits to get a feel for what silhouettes work well with your new hat. Because floppy sun hats tend to be the focal point of an outfit, consider opting for minimal jewelry and other accessories. This will help keep your look focused on that fantastic hat. While you’re at it, remember that this style of hat helps to frame your face, so don’t overcrowd it with big scarves or overly puffy jackets or tops.

How to wear a floppy hat with short hair

Worried that you can’t pull off a floppy hat with short hair? Don’t be! Short hair looks great with this hat style. But, if you’re worried about a large brimmed hat overpowering your short hair, try wearing the hat slightly further back on your head. With more hair framing your face, you’ll be able to show off your new accessory without feeling like your hair is tucked away completely.

How to wear a floppy sun hat for any occasion 

Use these tips to style your hat for any and every event.


You’re in luck! Floppy sun hats were made for the sand, so you’ll have no trouble pulling off this look on your next vacation. All you’ll need is your favorite bathing suit and a pair of sandals (oh, and if your straw sun hat gets some sand on it, use this guide for cleaning it).


There are so many ways to add a floppy hat to your everyday outfits. Consider pairing it with a simple sundress for a relaxed day out. Or, match your hat with a pair of jeans and a simple blouse for a sleek look.


Wearing a floppy sun hat for formal daytime occasions is a fantastic and functional choice. It’ll help you stay cool and protected, and can add the perfect touch to your look. Pair a colorful dress with neutral styles made of raffia or straw. Or, embellish an all-white look with a hat that features colorful accents or beading.


How to wear big floppy hats

There’s just something about those big, big floppy hats. They feel luxurious and a bit mysterious, and if you’re dying to wear one, follow these tips. First, make sure it’s the right time. It’s important to understand not just how to wear big floppy hats, but when to wear them. For a safe bet, bring your new hat out when you’re headed to the beach. This style was made for sunny weather, after all. Next, consider choosing a hat that’s a neutral tone. Raffia straw hats are naturally beautiful, and are easy to pair with any wardrobe. Finally,  let your big hat be the center of your outfit. Keep the rest of your look minimal and let the hat be the focus. 

Our top picks for the best floppy hat

Did all this talk about how to wear big floppy hats make you ready for a new style? Then you’ll want to check out these favorites!

Woman wear a big floppy hat

Amy Summer Raffia Floppy Hat

This is the big, floppy sun hat you’ve been waiting for. Classically bohemian, this organic raffia hat is the perfect size to make a statement on your next waterside vacation. You’re sure to turn heads thanks to this style's uniquely woven crown and intricately woven brim.


Mccloud Sun Protection Hat

Look great and keep your skin sun-safe with this UPF 50+ sun protective hat. The Mccloud is the perfect style for those that love big hats and spending time outdoors. With tightly woven design, this hat is equally at home in the garden and out for lunch.


how to wear a floppy hat

Tuscany Wide Brimmed Hat

The ideal choice for someone new to the world of big, floppy hats. With a slightly stiffer brim, the Tuscany hat offers laid-back style with a bit more structure. This hat is a great pick for those that prefer slightly smaller hats but still want to be part of the big hat trend. And if you’re afraid that other options might look too big on your petite frame, try this hat out!


how to wear a floppy wool hat

1970 Australian Wool Big Floppy Hat

While floppy sun hats might have gained popularity on the beach, that doesn't mean they all have to be made of straw! This beautiful and unique floppy hat is made of cruelty-free wool and features an embellished crown detail for extra eye-catching power. Try this style if you want to learn how to wear big floppy hats in cooler climates, or if you just prefer darker colors.

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