Made in the USA

Made in the USA

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day!

The holiday has reminded me to share with you our small – but growing! – selection of hats that are made right here in the USA (and a video from our recent trip to our friends’ factory who make these hats for us).

A factory like this is very rare these days. In fact, there are only two still operating today in the United States. For over a century, this factory has been taking wool and turning it into hats, so if you also happen to be into old machinery that just isn't made anymore, pay close attention to our video! 

Over the years, hats have become much safer to make – both environmentally speaking and health-wise. Back in the day, the term "mad as a hatter" was coined because mercury was used in the hat-making process, a chemical that eventually made the hat makers crazy!

Today, hat making is not only safer, but it is also a much cleaner process for us. We have spent years working with our factories to make the cleanest hats possible. Even still, we test all of our hats for unwanted chemicals and quality. It was no surprise that our USA made hats tested free of AZO dyes and formaldehyde. We also provide our factories with our own organic cotton inner bands and 100% recycled tags (printed in USA), as well as our labels, which are all made from recycled plastic bottles.

Our constant goal is to bring you a hat with the lightest possible footprint. Although… we're still trying to work out how a hat could have a footprint in the first place… so please send us some ideas if you have ‘em!

 Will Conner

Crushable wool outback hat

Crushable wool hats made to go anywhere.


aussie wool style hat
Our USA hats can get around - here is Dane keeping protected under the harsh Australian sun.


western wool hat
Western hats made in USA and ready for the workshop or the outdoors


Check Out The Range

Jasper Outback Waterproof Wool Hat - Black, Brown & Putty


Stormy Canyon Shapeable Western Wool Hat - Black, Brown & Putty

Bad Hombre Wool Fedora - Brown & Black

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