Men’s Hat Style Guide: The 6 Essential Hat Styles, And What They'll Say About You

Men’s Hat Style Guide: The 6 Essential Hat Styles, And What They'll Say About You

Between the hundreds of styles and sub-styles, there are a few essential men's hats that have stood the test of time. Follow our men’s hat style guide to find the look that’s right for you.


Man wearing a tan wool fedora and a white button down shirt stares to the left with his arms crossed

Charming And Confident: The Fedora

The classic fedora is a timeless icon of men's headwear. Its structured crown and medium brim create a distinguished silhouette that adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Originally popularized in the early 20th century, the fedora has remained a symbol of men's style ever since.

When worn today, a fedora will make you look confident and in charge. This versatile men's hat style can be dressed up with a suit or worn casually with jeans and a simple T-shirt.

From black and charcoal to earthy tones like brown and tan, the classic fedora is available in various colors to complement your style. Whether you opt for a felted wool fedora for autumn and winter or a lightweight straw version for spring and summer, this iconic hat is a versatile choice for year-round use.

Man wearing a denim button down and leather outback hat kneels on the ground, smiling at the camera. A workshop is in the background.


Ruggedly Refined: The Outback Hat

Who says classic fashion is based in the city? Outback hats originated (you guessed it) in the Australian Outback. A men's hat that’s made for working, this style offers excellent protection from the elements while remaining as stylish as it is practical.

When you toss this one on, you’ll instantly feel the rugged energy of a hat that was designed to withstand the harshest environments. But you don’t have to save this look for the backcountry. Because outback hats are often made from leather and wool, they dress up well for special occasions, too. So don’t be afraid to rock this hat anywhere you roam.

A man sits in a vintage red pickup truck wearing a newsboy cap.

Retro And Well-Read: The Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap, also known as the eight-panel cap, is a distinguished hat style that exudes vintage-inspired charm. Characterized by its round, full crown and a button at the top, the newsboy cap offers a relaxed yet polished aesthetic that adds a touch of old-world allure to modern ensembles. Although this style has been around since the 20th century, it’s seen a recent resurgence in popularity.

When styling a newsboy cap, embrace its retro appeal by pairing it with classic menswear pieces. Toss on a sweater and a pair of khakis and enjoy the timeless confidence you’ll exude. With a newspaper cap on your head, you’ll look like an old soul in the modern world (in the best way).

The Newsboy cap is available in a variety of materials, including wool, tweed, and cotton, allowing you to choose the perfect option for different seasons and occasions. Whether you opt for a traditional herringbone pattern or a solid color for a more understated look, it’ll add a distinctive touch to your outfit.

A man wearing a raffia western hat and a black button down looks towards the ground, smiling.

Outdoorsy And Brave: Western Hats

Few essential men’s hat styles are as iconic as the Western hat. Its wide brim with upturned sides and bold crown immediately reminds you of the classic cowboys of the Wild West.

If you’re ready to embrace your nature-loving side, this hat is for you. Western hats were made to be worn while on horseback, and they offer amazing coverage from rain, sun, and snow. Even if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, wearing this style will keep you protected in any weather. And, you’ll look ready for adventure.

For a year-round option, pick a western hat made of wool felt in a lighter color. Or, if you live in a warm climate, go for a raffia or straw hat. This lightweight option will keep the sun off your face and neck all day long. No matter the style you pick, consider pairing your Western hat with a Western button-down and a pair of jeans. If you prefer a more trendy look, pair it with more fitted jeans and a simple T-shirt.

A side profile of a man with curly hair wearing a black pork pie hat and a black button down shirt.

Bold And Different: The Pork Pie Hat

The pork pie hat, with its flat-topped crown and a narrow, upturned brim, is a bold and distinctive hat style that gives the wearer contemporary flair and individuality. With roots from the 19th century, it’s one of the oldest hat styles around. But it’s far from outdated.

When incorporating a pork pie hat into your wardrobe, embrace its bold, avant-garde appeal by experimenting with different colors and materials. Opt for a wool-felt pork pie hat for a classic, cold-weather look, or choose a straw version for a lightweight and breathable option during the warmer months. The pork pie hat's ability to effortlessly elevate any outfit makes it a versatile addition to the modern gentleman's hat collection.

When you're attending a music festival or a stylish urban event, the pork pie hat can be styled to make a statement. Pair it with a leather jacket and slim-fit jeans for a contemporary, rock-inspired ensemble, or team it with a tailored blazer and trousers for a fusion of classic and modern style. With its ability to add a touch of individuality to any outfit, the pork pie hat remains a standout choice for those who appreciate unique, fashion-forward accessories.

Man wearing a white t-shirt and a green bucket hat looks into the distance.

Casual And Cool: A Bucket Hat

The bucket hat, with its soft, downward-sloping brim and casual, relaxed silhouette, is a versatile and practical hat style that was brought to popularity in the ‘90s. Today, it’s burst back into the limelight with a vengeance. From streetwear to fashion week, buckets hats are trending like never before.

Originally favored by fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts for its functional design, the bucket hat has transitioned into a fashion staple that offers a laid-back, casual coolness to modern ensembles. Whether you're exploring the urban jungle or lounging at a beachside retreat, the bucket hat adds a touch of effortless style to your look.

When styling your bucket hat, embrace its casual, laid-back appeal by incorporating it into relaxed, off-duty outfits. Pair it with a lightweight jacket and chinos for a casual, weekend-ready ensemble, or match it with a graphic tee and shorts for a carefree, summer-inspired look. The bucket hat's ability to add a touch of urban coolness to any outfit makes it a versatile accessory for the modern, style-conscious gent.

Look for bucket hats made of organic cotton or hemp, and you’ll have a durable style that’ll stick around for years to come. 

If there’s one thing that can take any outfit to the next level, it’s the right hat. Which look from this men’s hat style guide will you use to elevate your style first?
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