Exploring a Kingdom

Exploring a Kingdom

Many of you Conner hat lovers purchase our hats with a specific trip or adventure in mind. We build Conner hats for travel and love that they get to be there with you on your journey. In fact, when three of my adventure-seeking friends asked if they could test some of our hats on a trip to the exotic kingdom of Tonga, I was thrilled!

I believe that the best sunscreen is a hat and since many of our styles are rated at 50+ UPF (which blocks 98% of ultra violet rays) – they are certainly great for sun protection. Our hats kept my friends’ skin looking young while they were on land … but it's hard to stay out of the emerald blue waters of that magic little kingdom for too long. They were lucky enough to get up close and personal with migrating humpback whales that frequent the area. Imagine the state of bliss you could achieve while lounging in a hammock and hearing humpbacks exhale not far from shore. Not to mention the amazing songs you can hear while swimming with them!

Traveling soon? Check the weather and choose the hat that is right for you, if you need a little extra help please contact us! We look forward to hearing about where you’re going and to helping you find the perfect travel hat for your journey.

All photos by Ming Nomchong unless she is in them, in which case the shot was taken by Lauren Hill or Chrystal Fitzgerald.


Lauren Hill with Conner Hat

Hammock on the beach with your Conner hatphotos of people taking photos

Sand play under Conner hat shade

Beach walks in Tonga paradise

Jungle fun out of the sun

Surf checks in the kingdom of Tonga

relax in paradise

dreaming of bluebeach shack hammock

if I could fly

the magic dock

Ming in Paradise

Kayak fun

beach finds

the crew

shoot for the stars

shooting stars

hats in Tongs

magic walks

strolls along the beach

dreamy walks

hats off


puppies in paradise

fun times in Tonga

beach track

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