7 Straw Hat Styles You Can Wear Year-Round

7 Straw Hat Styles You Can Wear Year-Round

The Best Versatile Straw Hats For Daily Use

Don’t pick up one of those straw hats you’ll only wear a few times a year. Instead, look for one that you’ll pick up again and again. These versatile styles work for multiple seasons, so you can enjoy them far past the peak of summer.

Casablanca Fedora Straw Ha

casablanca hat

There’s a reason fedoras are one of the most popular hat styles on the market. This classic straw fedora has the timeless styling of a traditional fedora hat with a mid-sized brim and indented crown. The smaller size of this hat makes it great for daily use, but it can be easily dressed up for special occasions. In the spring, the lighter color of this straw hat will fit right in. This is one of the best straw hats for summer, too. It’s UPF 25+ rating will keep you cool and protected from the sun. In the fall, pair this lighter colored hat with darker clothing and other light accessories like a belt or purse.

Gunsmoke Toyo Straw Hat

gunsmoke hat

At first glance, you might not notice that this cowboy hat is made entirely of straw thanks to it’s dark color. The darker, neutral color makes the Gunsmoke hat a good choice for use through many seasons. In cooler, wetter seasons, the protective resin coating helps this hat stay in mint condition. For summer use, the straw construction means that you’ll stay cool with a lightweight, breathable hat.

42nd Street Straw Pork Pie Hat

42nd street hat

With a uniquely vented construction, this Pork Pie hat might not keep you warm all winter long, but its caramel color and dark accents make it at home throughout much of the year. In classic Pork Pie style, you’ll stand out in this rounded, short brim hat. A dark denim band adds a touch of contrast while keeping the style neutral. Pair this straw hat with a dark flannel in the fall and winter and a linen shirt in the summer.

Avondale Park Straw Fedora

avondale hat

An ideal choice for the traveller. Made of braided toyo paper straw, this flexible hat is fitted with a GOTS certified organic cotton inner band for total comfort. And, with a color that’s not quite light and not quite dark, it’s perfect for transitioning from season to season. Wear this to the beach or to a wedding- it’s classic style will fit in wherever you roam. The snap brim is adjustable, so you can style your straw hat as you please to fit your next occasion. If this straw hat gets bent out of shape during your trip, don’t worry. Simply pop it back into place and be on your way.

The Best Straw Hats For Women

Finding a good straw hat for women can be a challenge, but our top picks meet the mark. Straw hats for sun protection are ideal for gardening and beach days, and the best styles can also transition for nights out and special events.

McCloud Sun Protection Straw Hat for Women

mccloud sun hat

This versatile women’s style is a bestseller for a reason. A wide brim and UPF 50+ sun protection make this hat perfect for time spent outdoors. The adjustable chin strap will ensure this hat stays put, even in windy conditions. And the best part is that this straw hat looks great in more formal situations, too. Pair it with a breezy sundress for spring and summer, or with dark pants and a sweater for cool weather events.

Yogi Beach Straw Hat

yogi beach hat

A stiff weave and protective resin finish make this straw hat more durable than others you make have tried in the past. Add the warm brown coloring and a thin black and white rope detail along the crown, and you’ve got the perfect straw hat for many occasions. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that this hat is made without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and Azo Dye. Dress this hat up or down and use it year-round.

White Sands Shapeable Straw Hat

white sands hat

Looking for a women’s straw hat that makes a statement? Look no further. This stunning white straw hat features a turquoise brooch with beaded edges and feather details. Once you try it on, you’ll find yourself looking for reasons to wear this beautiful straw hat. UPF 50+ sun protection will keep you covered all summer long, and the resin finish helps this hat hold up in less ideal conditions, too.

Aren’t straw hats for summer only?

Sure, many people think of straw hats as a piece of summer attire. But, as you can see, there are so many shapes, colors, and styles of straw hats, it’s easy to pick a hat that’s versatile and ready for year-round use. With the addition of a protective resin finish, Conner Hats is proud to offer straw hats that are water-resistant and durable for use on more than just sunny days. 

Straw Hat Sustainability

What’s the one thing better than finding the perfect straw hat? Finding out that it was made sustainably! Rather than craft from synthetic materials that harm the environment when they’re made, we make our straw hats from Toyo paper straw. This natural material is handcrafted by skilled workers to create the unique, quality designs we’re proud to share. We use GOTS certified organic cotton for our inner bands, and ship out each hat with low-waste, biodegradable packaging. Our hats are woven to last for years, which keeps them in use for as long as possible. And at the end of their long life, straw hats can be much more easily recycled than petroleum-based materials.

Did you find this guide to the best straw hats for year-round use helpful? Discover all of our fantastic hat materials.

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