Style Guide: Choosing The Best Hats For a Diamond Face Shape

Style Guide: Choosing The Best Hats For a Diamond Face Shape

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How Do I Know I Have a Diamond Face Shape?

Before you dive into finding the perfect hat for your face shape, make sure you’re clear on the face shape you have! If you have a diamond face shape, you’ll notice that your forehead and chin are more narrow in nature. Do you often get complimented on your high cheekbones? Well, that’s another common sign that you have the characteristics of a diamond face shape!

Think your face might be a different shape? Use this guide to finding your face shape

If you’re still not quite sure that you have a diamond face shape, take a few measurements of your face and compare them. Finding the proportions of your face will help you determine your face shape. Use a soft tape measure to measure from the center of your forehead to the top edge of your cheekbones, then from your cheekbones down to the center of your chin. Those with a diamond face shape will note that the distance between their forehead and cheekbones is quite similar to the distance between their cheekbones and their chin.

Using Hat Styles To Flatter The Features of A Diamond Face Shape

As with choosing a hat for any face shape, the key is to find styles that keep your face in proportion (or create the illusion of proportion where your face shape might need some assistance). When picking the best hats for diamond face shapes, you’ll want to consider a few key things. First, look for styles that highlight your high cheekbones, without overshadowing them. You’ll find that medium brim styles that can be worn farther back on your head accomplish this nicely. Next, focus on adding width to your forehead with structured styles, and don’t overpower your narrower features with big, floppy brims.

The Best Hats For Diamond Shaped Faces

These hat styles have the features and designs best suited to flatter diamond face shapes:

Outback Hats

outback hat

An outback style is one of the best hats for diamond shaped faces thanks to a medium length brim that is structured and slightly rounded. The slightly pinched crown of outback hats also works to create symmetry with the more pointed chin that is characteristic of those with a diamond face shape.


casablanca fedora

This style is a great choice for those with diamond shaped faces. Fedoras are classically worn further back on one's head, which is a great way to “broaden” the forehead. A pinch at the front of the hat's crown helps the hat remain in proportion with the slightly pointed chin that diamond shaped faces have.

Flat Caps

french beret

The subtle style of a flat cap is a well-suited match for a diamond face shape. Instead of an all-around, flat brim, the flat cap distracts from narrow foreheads with a short front brim. A low-profile crown adds just the right amount of width to the forehead area.

Hat Styles Diamond Faces Should Avoid

Regardless of your face shape, there are some styles that are simply better avoided. For those searching for hats for diamond shaped faces, that includes styles with an overly floppy brim, which can throw a narrow, more pointed chin out of proportion. Additionally, hats with brims that sit directly across the forehead take away from the natural symmetry of diamond shaped faces. This is why styles like the fedora are great- they’re made to sit further back on the head.

Five flattering hats for females with a diamond face shape

Madeira Beach Straw Fedora

casablanca fedoraA great summer hat style that avoids overpowering floppy brims! The Madeira Beach Fedora is made with stiff Toyo paper straw that’s lightweight, breathable, and holds its shape. Enjoy summer in one of the best hats for diamond shaped faces.

The Axe Western Hat

axe western hat

A pinched crown and stiff medium length brim make the Axe Western Hat a perfect match for  those with a diamond face shape. The subtle off-pink shade and small feather detail adds just a splash of pizzaz.

Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat

jackeroo hat

Searching for the perfect all-season hat? The Jackeroo Crushable Wool hat is made with cruelty-free wool that will keep you warm in the fall and winter, and well protected from the sun in the warmer months. Wear this style slightly further back on your head to accentuate your cheekbones and keep your symmetrical face in view.

French Beret

french beret

Don’t think you can pull off a beret? Think again! This is a fantastic hat style for diamond shaped faces. The slight puff of the top of the beret creates proportion between the forehead and the cheekbones without overpowering your chin.

Banjo Patterson Wool Hat

banjo patterson hat

Another style that is best worn slightly further back on the head. The Banjo Patterson Wool Hat flatters your high cheekbones while its medium length brim stays proportional to your chin size.

For males: The best hats for diamond shaped faces

Boat Yard Outdoor Recycled Fedora

boat yard fedora

Rather than a floppy-brimmed bucket hat, choose this fedora hat made from recycled plastic bottles. With great sun protection and durable construction, this hat style is made to be worn in the great outdoors.

Brent Weathered Newsboy Cap

weathered newsboy cap

The perfect hat for males with a diamond face shape (especially those that prefer to keep a low profile). This weathered newsboy style will add a unique flair to any outfit, without overpowering it- or your face shape.

Buster Wool Fedora

buster fedora

Keep it classic with a simple black fedora. This style will look best worn further back on your head, which will allow the natural symmetry of your facial features to shine through.

Bounty Hunter Water Resistant Cotton Hat

bounty hunter hat

An ideal hat style for men with a diamond shaped face who spend their days out in the elements. This water resistant cotton hat features a moveable brim and slightly pointed crown, and is made with durable weathered cotton.

Alfred Gentlemans Herringbone Drivers Cap

alfred gentlemans cap

Add a bit of length to your face shape with the Alfred Drivers Cap. The short front brim naturally causes your face shape to lengthen, which will only accentuate the look of your striking high cheekbones more.

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Still not sure about your face shape? Check out our guide to finding your face shape.

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