Style Guide: Choosing The Best Hats for Round Faces

Style Guide: Choosing The Best Hats for Round Faces

Looking for a hat style that flatters your face? If your face is more circular and lacks sharp angles, you’ll want to read this guide to picking the best hats for round faces!

How Do I Know I Have a Round Face Shape?

Before diving into hat styles, double-check that you have a round face shape (think your face might be a different shape? Use this guide to finding your face shape). People with a round face shape will notice that their face has no sharp angles. Instead, your jawline and cheekbones are softly curving. Your cheekbones are typically the widest part of your face. And typically, your face is about as wide as it is long.

If you’re still not quite sure that you have a round face shape, take a few measurements of your face and compare them. Finding the proportions of your face will help you determine your face shape.

Start by using a soft measuring tape to see how long your forehead is. Take this measurement between the peak of either eyebrow. Next, measure the width of your face across your cheekbone area. Record the measurement across the most pronounced area of your cheekbones- usually across the corners of your eyes. Then, measure your jawline by recording the width of your face about an inch below your ears. Finally, measure the length of your entire face from your hairline down to the edge of your chin.

Someone with a round face shape will find that the length of their face is about the same as their cheekbone measurement. The measurement of your forehead and jawline will also be similar.


Using Hat Styles To Flatter The Features of A Round Face

Those of us that have a rounder face shape will want a hat style that flatters and offers balance for our softer features. Because round faces have less defined angles, you’ll want a hat that offers more angularity. When searching for the best hats for round faces, note the crown height. Round faces are shorter than other face shapes and a tall crown will accentuate this. This can make the face look even shorter than it is. Look for hats with a short to medium height crown that flatters the face. As you’ll see, the best hats for round faces feature sharper angles and sit closer to the head.

The Best Hats For Round Faces

These hat styles have the features and designs best suited to flatter round faces:

Fedoras that add angles to round faces
With a lot of variation in sub-styles, all fedoras have a few things in common that make them a good fit for round faces. They’re pinched in some way at the front of the crown, which creates angles near the face. And, fedoras have a medium height crown that's a good match for round faces. With flexibility in the angle at which they’re worn, there’s room to play around with how you want to style your fedora- any way you choose, you’ll have a look that flatters your face. 

Western hats with curved brims
This hat style has an unmistakable shape, and it just happens to be extremely flattering for less angular faces. Western style hats have a brim that dips slightly in the front along with a slight turn up on the sides. These angles are a great fit for round faces. Add in a shorter crown height with a pinched front, and you’ve got all the details that make this one of the best hats for round faces.

Newsboy caps that elongate the face
These caps sit close to the head and provide some added angles with a small front brim. For those that prefer a smaller hat, but still want one that’s a good match for round faces, the newsboy style is a great choice. Choose from a variety of patterns, or opt for a subtle style with neutral tones like black and blue.

Panama hats for warm weather
Similar to the fedora style, Panama hats are full of angles that balance out the softness of round faces. With a dip in the middle of the crown and a slight pinch in the front, this hat style brings interest to the front of the face without adding too much height. Typically made from straw, a panama hat is a great warm weather style, and one of the best hats for round faces.

Hat Styles Round Faces Should Avoid

Hats with tall crowns tend to overpower round faces and leave them looking disproportional. With this in mind, stay away from top hats and gambler style hats. If you’re searching for a hat with sun protection, choose one with a slightly stiffer brim, rather than a floppy hat style. Large, floppy brims add more softness to round faces and can be too much hat for this face shape.
Five Flattering Hats for Women With Round Faces

Rockaway Beach Wool Hat

The fedora style crown of the Rockaway Beach hat flatters round faces with subtle angles, while cruelty-free wool construction makes this style suitable all year round. A look that can be dressed up or down, this is one of the best hats for round faces.

The Axe Western Hat

Like western style, but prefer a slightly toned-down version? The Axe Western Hat is the perfect mix of western and modern style, and it features a pinched crown that looks great on those with round faces.

The Chatsworth Newsboy Cap

Up your style game with an old-school look that perfectly balances out the gentle features of round faces. This hat's subtle pattern adds interest without being loud.

Corral Shapeable Western Hat

With a shapeable brim for easy personalization, this hat style flatters round faces with the classic western style crown and a brim that can be angled as much (or as little) as you please.

Panama Palm Straw Fedora

Looking for a warm weather hat for round faces that’s flattering and offers sun protection? Instead of a floppy hat that might overwhelm your features, go for this Panama Palm Straw Fedora. A sturdy brim offers protection from the elements with UPF 25+ rated construction and a front pinch adds angles to flatter.

For the Men: Five Best Hats For Round Faces

High Noon Shapeable Western Wool Hat

Thanks to its shapeable brim, the High Noon Western Wool Hat can be customized to your liking. This option is great for those with round faces, as you can add and adjust angles to the hat to best frame your face.

Merrik Cotton Newsboy Hat

This water resistant style is made with weathered cotton, which has a similar look and feel to leather. The angular brim of this hat elongates the look of round faces.

Madeira Beach Straw Fedora

A great option for vacation or beach lounging, this style features the details that make fedoras one of the best hats for round faces. A snap brim allows you to wear the hat with the brim up or down.

Buster Wool Fedora

This fedora is classically cool in any setting. The slightly upturned brim and barely-there pinched crown add flattering features, while cruelty-free wool construction makes this style ideal for nearly every season.

Jensen Panama Straw Hat

An ideal warm weather hat for men with a round face shape, the Jensen Panama Straw Hat is made with UPF 50+ Toyo Straw. A ridgid brim nicely frames the face and the slightly pinched crown adds angular details.

Still not sure about your face shape? Check out our guide to finding your face shape.

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