What Summer Hat Suits Me? The Best Summer Hats for Men

What Summer Hat Suits Me? The Best Summer Hats for Men

Temperatures are rising and summer festivities are in full swing, which means plenty of time in the sun. Not to mention the occasions, from casual beach outings to long days out fishing to afternoon cocktail parties. Finding summer hats for men that are functional, stylish, and keep you protected from the sun will keep your skin safe and you cooler. From simple questions like, “can I wear a felt hat in the summer?” to “what summer hat suits me?”, this guide to summer hats for men covers it all.

The importance of sun protection

Summer is almost always the time of year that we’re outside the most. The sun is out in full force, and properly protecting your skin from its harmful rays is extremely important. The right sun protection hat is an essential way to do so. After all, it might be easy to forget to reapply your sunscreen, but a hat will always have you covered. When shopping around, look for styles that have a UPF rating. UPF hats are tested and rated to ensure they offer protection from harmful UV rays. If you want top-notch protection, make sure you choose one with a UPF 50+ rating.

In addition, hats are a great way for men to dress up or down for any occasion. With styles like the timeless fedora or the laid back look of raffia, it’s easy to find the right look for any event or activity.

Best materials for mens summer hats

When the heat of summer is in full swing, having something that’s breathable and lightweight is important. But if you’ve ever wondered, “can I wear a felt hat in the summer?” you might be surprised to find that there are many fabrics well suited for warmer weather. While raffia and straw are a more obvious choice, materials like felt and even recycled materials work great. These are some of our favorite materials to use:


A lightweight and extremely fast growing plant, raffia is a lightweight and sustainable material that makes great summer hats for men. It’s classically tropical look makes it at home on the beach, and when it’s hand-braided tightly enough, it offers sun protection up to UPF 50 while remaining breathable.

Montego Bay Raffia Hat

Toyo Straw

Straw is an extremely lightweight material that’s often found on aussie styles and cowboy hats. When it’s finished with resin, it’s also quite durable and can hold up to a summer of adventure. Often hand braided like raffia, straw is also a great material for styles that offer sun protection.

Durango Straw Hat

Recycled Plastic

A material that’s eco-friendly, high-performance, and extremely durable? Recycled plastic is one of our personal favorite materials to use when making summer hats for men. Thanks to its durability and lightweight characteristics, hats made with recycled plastic are great for travel and can offer excellent UPF protection.

Aztec Boater Hat

Organic Cotton 

Cotton is a breathable and lightweight material that’s great for warm weather. Its durability and versatility make it great for an everyday hat that easily dresses up or down for different occasions.

Aussie Surf Hat


Durable and crushable, a canvas summer hat will last for many years and keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes. Canvas is perfect for every day styles used for work or adventure.

Canvas Cooler Hat


One of the most breathable materials on the market, mesh is ideal for the hottest days. 

Mesh is normally found on the crown of a hat to allow the breeze to flow, which makes it great at keeping you cool. However, it does allow some sun to hit the crown of your head. If you want to be extra conscious of potential sun damage, opt for a UPF rated hat instead.

Aussie Golf Mesh Hat

Wool Felt

You might think of felt as a fall or winter hat material, but it can be used all year long! Because felt comes in different thicknesses and weights, lightweight felt is a great summer hat material. And, it’s a naturally water-repellent material, making it great for water related activities like boating or fishing.

Northern Rivers Wool hat

Summer Hat Styles for Men | What Summer Hat Suits Me?

Depending on what you’ll spend the majority of your summer doing, different styles of summer hats are best suited for you. Whether you’re an adventure hound or prefer to enjoy a more relaxed summer, there’s a hat style for you. These are some of the most popular types of summer hats for men.

Sun Protection Hats

Will you be spending a lot of time under direct sun for work or leisure? Then you’ll definitely want a mens summer hat that offers top sun protection. Look for hats that are UPF 50+. This means that they have the highest rating possible to protect you from harmful UV rays. And the style of hat matters too. For ultimate protection from the sun, you’ll want a style with a larger brim or one that covers the back of your neck.

Bounty Hunter Hat

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Mens Fishing Styles

Enjoying the simplicity of a rod and a reel this summer? Look for a lightweight men’s fishing hat that is waterproof. Recycled plastic is a good material for this. You’ll want sun protection as well, so make sure that the summer hat you choose is rated to at least UPF 15. To stay on the safe side, you might even want to check out a style that floats, just in case you lose your hat to the water.

Tarpon Springs Hat

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Boating Styles

If you’re spending time on the water this summer, a boating hat will best suit you. For action-packed rides, choose a summer hat for men that’s got an adjustable chin strap to keep it in place through the adventure. For more relaxed days, look for a wide-brimmed hat that’s perfect for sun protected lounging.

Summer Boater Cotton Hat

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Beach Styles

Beach bumming it this summer? Go for a classic summer hat style that’s well-suited for a tropical lifestyle. Choosing summer hats for men made from raffia or straw will offer the perfect mix of breathability and sun protection.

Outdoor Mens Breeze Hat

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Spending your summer in a mix of environments? Go for a classic summer fedora style that will fit in at the beach, out fishing, or at a fancier social gathering. Fedoras have a timeless style and choosing one with a lighter color makes them the perfect choice for men who need a summer hat that’s versatile.

madison raffia straw beach fedora

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With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to find summer hats for men that are best suited for your lifestyle in the warmer months. You’ll never have to wonder, “what summer hat suits me?” And, you can feel good about your choice knowing that almost all of Conner Hats styles are made with sustainable materials and shipped with eco-friendly packaging. And, whichever you choose, 12 trees will be planted with your purchase.

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