Wool Hats

Most of our wool comes from Australia and some from New Zealand and South Africa. Many styles are waterproof, crushable and provide excellent sun protection.
1970 Australian Wool Floppy Hat
$96.00 USD
Arizona Wool Gambler
$99.00 USD
Aussie Wool Crusher Hat
$65.00 USD $103.00 USD
Avondale Concho Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Bird and Feather Wool Hat
$98.00 USD
Bowler (Derby) Wool Hat
$89.00 USD
Carson City Wool Bowler
$96.00 USD
Crossroads Crushable Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Detroit Wool Fedora
$92.00 USD
Edward Australian Wool Top Hat
$110.00 USD
Flinders Outback Wool Hat
$63.00 USD $101.00 USD
French Beret
$37.00 USD $59.00 USD
Humphrey Wool Bowler Hat
$63.00 USD $101.00 USD
Indy Crushable Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat
$99.00 USD
Jubilee Steampunk Top Hat
$73.00 USD $117.00 USD
London Lace Victorian Ladies Hat
$112.00 USD
Low Rise Wool Top Hat
$73.00 USD $115.00 USD
Mt. Warning Wool Boho Hat
$99.00 USD
Mumford Pork Pie Wool Fedora
$88.00 USD
Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler
$98.00 USD