Our Guarantee

Our Lifetime Guarantee is only available to customers who purchased their hat from our website. (if you didn't purchase from our site, please contact us and we will still try to help you)

 1. If our workmanship ever fails, we will replace your hat for free. 
Why would we offer such a solid guarantee? Because our workmanship rarely fails. For example, if a stitch pulls out by some chance, it will very rarely unravel further, even after years of use. If one does, a quick spot of superglue will lock it back into place. An eyelet or rivet may come out and if it's going to happen it will be in the first 12 months of use. Our guarantee means we will replace your exact same hat style, size and color and we will pay for shipping in the first 12 months. If something happens after 12 months to 20 + years, we will still replace the hat for free, but you will need to pay for shipping. Please email us your Name and photos of the damage.
 2. Material degradation or If you damage your hat, maybe you wash it in hot water, and it shrinks (don't do that!) or your hat goes under water and just doesn't look the same. Maybe you stain it and can't wash it out or maybe your dog chews it. If a wool hat fades in the sun as they will over time in harsh direct sunlight and you don't like the new color shade, we will give you a 50% off code to re purchase the same hat (shipping not included). This is only valid to re purchase the same hat style, color and size. Please keep in mind we have many ways of showing you how to fix your current hat, it is much better to give life back to your current hat if at all possible. Take a look at our hat care page.

3. If you lose your favorite hat, or someone steals it, we will give you a 50% off code to re purchase the same favorite hat style, color and size. (shipping not included).

Please see our Returns page for details.