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French Beret
mark kemper
Classic and excellent!

Maybe the finest beret I have ever owned and I have owned quite o a few in my life!

Sun and Rain Protection to da max

I feel fully protected wearing this hat. It's packable for travel, has a clip for tying to my jeans, and survived 42mph sustained winds at the summit of Mauna Kea, HI, with no fear of losing it. Others refer to it as my Australia hat. When I put it on in rain, no rain touches my hair, head, or neck. It's waterproofness is perfection and this is coming from someone who lives in a place that rains 142 inches per year. Can't wait to take it fishing. The pocket for my key/ID/CC is cleverly hidden and lightens my load elsewhere.

Carson City Wool Bowler
W. L. Marigold C-H.
A Great Hat and a Wonderful Company

Thank you so much for such an incredible experience! You've got yourself a lifelong customer.

We love Cole :)

Amazing Indiana Jones Hat!

This hat is very well constructed and headed to the Amazon Jungle with me in May! I know it will be perfect; thank you Connor!

Tim Evsns

Great hat in all categories!

But after it arrived I realized I have another hat almost identical to it…. guess that’s why I liked it so much…and I don’t need two so I’ll be returning it😳

Brent Weathered Newsboy Cap
Richard Christensen
Glad I shopped at Conner!

Perfect hat ! Exactly what I was looking for. Customer service is outstanding! Had trouble with fed ex lying about non delivery for a week, and they reimbursed my shipping cost promptly. Great product, great cs, A++!

Exactly what we wanted

I had this exact hat for about 12 years and wore it a ton. I was thankful to find this exact hat was still available. Great craftsmanship, great fit, comfortable, & travels well.

You sent me the wrong hat

The hat I got is a greenish color I was supposed to get a large brown one but mine I got is green in color


Wow… very nice! It fit just right.
Fast delivery and tracking of your order.

I have over a half dozen other hats and this one hands down is my favorite. It's the first one I reach for when I go anywhere.

Total Satisfaction

Well-made hat and fits properly.

Lost hat review

Man, still waiting on it. Tracking was held up on March 7th. Reached out to shippers and they’re passing the buck (blame) on others. I’m sure it will get here some day.

Hi Jesse,

I'm sorry your hat still hasn't been delivered. We are at the mercy of the shipping carriers and their network schedules. What we can do is offer you a replacement which I believe we've emailed you about recently.

Down Under Leather Hat
Steve Farr Solid Ghost Bassist
Killer leather outback

I received my new Conner leather outback hat in very rapid fashion, packaged nicely. Upon opening the package, I was pleased to see a very sharp looking hat, flawless and a perfect fit. I love it! Will be buying more!

Great hat

Love the hat. It’s the second one I bought.Fits great and I get a lot of compliments .

Aztec Boater Recycled Hat
Frederick Hamill
Definitely a five star.

I love the Aztec boater hat. It is the fourth one I bought. One of them was stolen.

Awesome hat!

Looks great. Easy to stretch a bit for custom fit.


Perfect for our Kaua'i vacation. i was so happy it had nice leather straps because of the wind. I also had ordered the larger size and its perfect. they included little spacers if one needs it a little snugger. This is my first Conner hat and I know it won't be my last. Thank you,

Old and New Not the Same

This is a new hat to repair the identical hat which I
have been wearing for many years. It a slightly larger
than the old one but not even to be a problem. The
biggest difference which is significant is the shipping
packaging. The old hat was shipped in a box with that
reinforced the shape and the material seemed to
stiffer, like maybe a little starch and
pre wash was done. It was better formed slicker than
the new one. The new one was shipped flattened drown
in a large mailing envelope and the hat was more
flimsy. The new is adequate but the old one was
best. Thanks

Hi John,

We sincerely apologize for this. We still send these hats in boxes but it appears this was sent in the wrong packaging by mistake.

Great Hat!

I don’t usually leave reviews, but this hat is exceptional. High quality leather. Thick yet soft. Perfect fit out of the box. Definitely a good value for the money. You earned a new customer.

Comfy fitting my noggin

Very comfortable, fits well, looks great.
The chin strap is a dud, not a good choice!
Made a new chin strap from paracord, and that works well and feels much better!

Excellent hat . Would buy again

Down Under Leather Hat

Really like this hat, wear it most of the time.

The Best Hat Ever!

Because of my "thinning" hairline, I've worn hats for decades, The Quincy gambler is my favorite by far -- and we're talking vintage hats, new (and very expensive) hats, and everything in between. I'm now onto my second Quincy -- the old one that is for walking and outdoor work, the new one is for going out on the town. In either case these puppies always get lots of compliments from everyone. Don't leave home without it! Never let this one go, and keep up the good work folks!

Aussie soakable golf hat

will give review in summer,like the hat

Northern Front Oilskin Hat
Richard A Estes

I received it in then time frame and very satisfied. I used during hard raining day and it’s wide brim and water proofing worked great. The fit was good and I like its style. I definitely buy another one.