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French Beret
mark kemper
Classic and excellent!

Maybe the finest beret I have ever owned and I have owned quite o a few in my life!

Sun and Rain Protection to da max

I feel fully protected wearing this hat. It's packable for travel, has a clip for tying to my jeans, and survived 42mph sustained winds at the summit of Mauna Kea, HI, with no fear of losing it. Others refer to it as my Australia hat. When I put it on in rain, no rain touches my hair, head, or neck. It's waterproofness is perfection and this is coming from someone who lives in a place that rains 142 inches per year. Can't wait to take it fishing. The pocket for my key/ID/CC is cleverly hidden and lightens my load elsewhere.

Carson City Wool Bowler
W. L. Marigold C-H.
A Great Hat and a Wonderful Company

Thank you so much for such an incredible experience! You've got yourself a lifelong customer.

We love Cole :)

Great Company

I was at the Festival Flea Market in South Florida, and they had a few Connor Hats, but the salesperson didn’t know anything about the company. I was interested in the Sun Shield but had no idea about its quality. I looked up the company when I got home and saw the various hats that Connor Hats made.

I bought 3 Hats over the Labor Day weekend. It’s hard to know what you are getting via the internet, but I emailed with customer service multiple times. One of the people who explained the company was Will, the president of the company. That made me feel very comfortable.

The BC Hats Bac Pac Traveller Oily Australian Leather Hat was hand made in Australia by Will’s father, Bill. Bill is retired now, but they still have some of his creations. When they are gone, they are gone. This hat is very well made with a firm brim that holds up to the wind. Unfortunately, I have only worn this beautiful hat once because it’s so hot down here. I wish I would have found this hat when I lived up north, but I will wear this hat a lot if it ever cools down a little. The BC brand are the hats made by Bill Conner.

The customer service has been great. I had to return one of the hats because the crown height was too low and the leather was touching my head. Will said some people are ok with it but if I felt uncomfortable, I could just return it. I exchanged it for a BC Cool as a Breeze Leather hat with mesh. The mesh allows air to get through so it is cooler than the other hat and I am wearing it now as I type.

Great hat.

Stylish and comfortable. Replacing my everyday baseball style cap.

great hat

The fit and the quality are great, as is the style. My only complaint is that "loden" looks a lot like "brown"

Simple & robust

Keeps the sun out of eyes and helps prevent sunburns out at the fairs and festivals.

Great Hat!

It's comfortable and will sheild me from the hot sun!


Got it for a gift-fits perfectly, perfectly weathered looking, comfortable…I almost didn’t want to give it to him. He said was the best hat he has ever had.

Excellent hat. Everything I was expecting.

Flinders Outback Wool Hat

Nice hat. A little disappointed to find that they are made in China, but seem to be of reasonable quality for the price.

Excellent hat

The hat is a great fit and comfortable. And it has done well in the big test -- rain. I very much like the look and comfort. I wasn't sure about it when I ordered, but I'm very happy I have it now.

Hat Name

This hat should be re-named in honor of Candace!

Arizona Wool Gambler
Eric Gargano
One of the best

Never heard of Connor hats until I was doing an image search for a Gambler. After reading the description of both the hat and company, and seeing the price, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. I am so glad I did. I was above my expectations. Great fit. Beautifully made, and stiffer than I expected. I would definitely recommend this hat to anyone looking.


I'be been looking for a new BC Hat in replacement of my 15 year old companion (leather on the front was so cooked by sweat that it finaly disjointed). I bought 4 others "BC HAT BAC PACK traveller" across europe with the same default: the leather is really thin, so the hat is shapeless and too soft... Even in hat shops in town! Such an obstination because this Hat is part of my identity now, I love it! And I wear it every day in every situation. So I decided to order in the US, ready to pay 270$ instead of 110€ in the local shop (185$ for the hat, 60$ for shipment, and 25€ of custom duty ) to get my dreamed hat.
The leather of the top of the hat is strong and perfect. But the leather of he edges is too thin, an with clumsy sewing/assembling there is some waves/bumps on it, it can't keep an appropriate sharp. It looks as if someone bought the rights foc BC hats and tryed to do the Job like the Old Man (Thank you Mister Conner for all these years, I've been proud to wear our hat! I'm a Fan!).
So I'm desperate now because I don't know if I'll find my BC again.
The packaging was perfect, some little scratches on the hat (but I didn't care beause if It had been the good hat, he would have seen others in the forest!).
The size was perfect too.
I'm interested in an exchange If I can get an "old school one", but if your shop can't provide me a better hat for the 15 next years I'll politely ask a refund.

Hi Joseph, leather being a natural material changes with each order and can’t be compared with hats we made decades ago… the waves in the leather will change with time and can be smoothed if you apply pressure on both sides of them … BC has retired and won’t be making any more hats so what you have is a collectors item, more importantly if you or any other customer does not like the hat they received, you can return it for a full refund. You can go to the returns link found at the bottom/footer of our website.

Excellent fit for a large size. Lightweight and stylish.

Love it 😍

Super comfortable just finished a 2 hour hike up VT’s tallest peak with my puppy.

Just what I wanted.

Returned hat.

Same as title. I returned the hat because it was too large.

Great Hat!

The quality, fit and craftsmanship of this hat is outstanding. Perfect for golf as it protect your face & ears. Comfortable to wear and much cooler than a baseball cap.

Theres many a slip twixt the cup and the lip

Young guns baby! This hat is awesome

Best hat!

The hat stays cool in the heat with just some cold water on it. Looks sharp, everyone asks where I got it. Only hat I'm wearing now!

This hat is well made and very flattering. Thank you.

Love it.

A great hat!!…Top quality!!…Have received a lot of good comments on it…Probably one of the best I’ve ever owned!👏