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I've been in the market for a gambler style hat for quite some time. Having been burned on other hat sites, I was skeptical ordering, but the appearance, price and return policy of the Conner hat convinced me.

The hat arrived quickly. Being a 7 1/4 hat size, I ordered the large. However the hat ran big so I had to exchange it for a medium. The return was painless and the other hat also arrived quickly. With the included inserts, the hat fits perfectly. I'm quite pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend Conner hats.

Non symmetrical construction

I like the intended design of the hat but the strap holes are not symmetrical. Totally annoying as it causes hat to fold incorrectly when using straps.

Hi George,

Definitely a faulty hat and sorry it got through our quality control, we will send you a free replacement, please reach out to

Down under leather hat

Just got my hat recently, it's already my favorite, most comfortable hat I've ever had ! This thing is awesome

Down Under Leather Hat
Michael P Kossow
Great hat - looks, comfort, quality

No hat has ever felt as comfortable as this hat. Wife loves it on me.

Good customer service

I ordered a Tracker water resistant cotton outback hat and promptly received my order. I ordered the only color offered; brown. I had ordered the size using Conner guidelines. It fit well. I was surprised however that the hat was black (not brown as shown online.). It wasn’t dark brown…it was black…which is not an option online.

I contacted customer service and sent photos of the black hat. I had paid the small exchange fee when I ordered the hat. The exchange was very easy and prompt. They made a mistake and fixed it. I appreciated the hassle free service after the sale.

I will purchase again from Conner hats.


This is a very classy and comfortable hat. I’m trying to bring the gentleman’s back, and Conner hats is the perfect way to do that!!
Thanks for being there!!!

Plan to wear it every day come summer

Really pleased with this hat. Perfect fit and, if I may say, quite stylish. Highly recommend.

My bald head savior!

This has been my go-to sun/rain hat during our vacation in Costa Rica, from the beach to the jungle. It has saved my head from being sunburned, and also worked great during the rain. When I didn't need it, I stuffed it in my backpack, pulled it out again and good as new. Seems like a quality hat that I will use for years.

My new favorite hat!

This wasn't my 1st Conner hat, but it is now one of my favorites! Super light weight and comfortable. This hat will be packed for many trips.

I wasn't expecting it!!

Like the title says...I wasn't expecting it! I'm not the type to get my hopes up, and this situation wasn't going to be different. I have a long/oval head shape and finding a hat in this style that fits front to back without having cavernous gaps above my ears, had to this point, proven impossible. The hat arrived and I didn't bring the package in for over an hour...I wasn't ready for disappointment. I worked up the nerve...I opened the package.

First...the quality and craftsmanship was unexpected. It was like spontaneously getting hit on by a gorgeous woman. "Holy S&*t! Are you serious? This can't be for real!! It's phenomenal!!

Second...this hat was not advertised, or in anyway being represented, as having a long/oval fit. While the hat does stretch slightly front to back, it only serves to pull the sides in snug and give a nice shape to the brim.

I wasn't expecting it!!

Great Hat....But

Couple of suggestions...Add a couple of vent holes...put a squeeze clamp on the leather wind strings.

My bowler

This is my pool shooting and goof off hat haha that I seem to be wearing a lot lately great quality well made soft yet still holds it’s shape got here quick Conner makes the best hats

I love the style and feel of this hat.

Feels great. I love it, it works in all types of situations. I love the crush ability of it. I also play in a band and I like to use it on stage. It looks great.

Lovely hat

I have no idea when or where I will wear a top hat, but I'll find a reason to sport this beauty. Well crafted, great quality materials and an excellent fit. There was a weird glitch with my order (I also got the 5th Avenue straw fedora which I also recommend. I know I'll wear daily come summer) and the customer service team sorted the problem quickly and kindly. Highly recommend Conner Hats.

Great Hat of Fishing

Provides shade in the the sun and comfort on cool days!

Down Under Leather Hat
Best hat

Perfect fit, good craftsmanship, comfortable to wear, i love it!

That's my hat

Listen. I got a hat extremely similar to this in an Ozarks gift shop 10+ years ago and it lasted me ages of wearing daily before finally getting retired. The main cause for retirement was i was young and would mink oil it twice a month and the leather became very soft, not because it fell apart or anything. And it currently rests on the mantle of a friends fireplace as a sort of centimental peice of me. I got this specific Conners variation of my hat back in 2019 (i assume its a pretty popular design that gets different stamps depending on the seller but you know what they say about assuming) and it's gone through the same daily activities. This hat has seen cliff sides, caves 2 miles down, Miami Beach and more. This hat has been tossed across the house into the recliner more times than I can count. It's blasted the dusty earth in a fit of rage when I've dropped a socket into the old pick ups engine bay. It's been worn in rain, sleet, snow and sun shine. It's been run over, crushed, dropped in various forms of precipitation. It's been used as a pillow, an eye cover and a hand protector from a handful of bitey critters (all relocated safely). It's had food, spare nuts and bolts, rocks, pocket knives, ext carried in it. I practice bushcraft and other outdoors survival skills and i can tell you this is a superior and even three times the quality of any bass pro hat. Anybody that knows me knows this hat with me. If you want a hat that's going to do you well, a hat that's going to ride through the roughest times and constantly get you rough and tumble times, you want this hat.

Just make sure you treat it with mink oil in regulation😉 and a little obenaufs and snoseal wouldn't hurt either

Better than Stetson

I recently purchased the Quincy Gambler hat in grey and was quite surprised by not only the quality of the hat but also the excellent shipping of the hat. I own two Stetson hats, in which one is similar to the Quincy hat (Stetson Kelso). I found the quality of the Connor Quincy far superior to the Stetson Kelso especially the rim and the interior headband. I looked at other hat companies, but after reviews on how they were shipped, I was amazed they sent them out in flat packages because they were listed as "crushable". My hat was shipped in a great box and arrived perfect. The color was also exactly as shown on the site. Thank you Conner Hat Co. for making such an excellent product.

Kimberly Rancher Wool Hat
Benjamin Kastelic
My Favorite Hat Ever !!!

When I received this hat I was so excited.I had been looking for an organic cotton band, and cruelty free. This was just what I was looking for, not only sustainable but fashionable. I have ordered many hats over the years, and this one is my favorite. I wear it everywhere, when I am working on the ranch and when I go out on the town. I stand by this hat and love it so much I will be ordering another one.

This is my new winter favorite..

I have 2 Connors, summer and winter.
Rain or snow - this is a great waterproof hat - my current go-to

Customer service

I ordered 2 hats. They arrived promptly and the packaging was ideal for shipping hats. The NorCal was ordered size small but it was way too big. (the other hat was ordered small as well and it fit fine.) The Norcal hat was missing a closed seam on the inside brim's sweat band. When I contacted the manufacturer I was told that was normal and the hat was fine. I had also mentioned that the 2nd hat, the Bowler hat, had 4 dents in the top. I was told to steam the hat and I could repair it myself. When I received the email back that said the unfinished seam and the dented hats were pretty much mine to deal with, I wrote back and included photos of the inside seam of the Bowler hat that shows the seam is actually sewn closed and that the Norcal hat was not supposed to have unfinished/unseamed band on the inside brim. I suggested that I would keep the Norcal (I would give it to a friend) and that I would take the Bowler hat to a repair shop and have them make the repairs, rather than myself. I offered that the manufacture need not reimburse me, but instead give me a 50% discount if I bought another hat. That seemed fair to me, since there would be no shipping or returns involved, no credit card reimbursement and the Bowler hat repair would be done correctly, and I would be paying for it. When I reached out initially, it was the day after I received my order, Dec 5th. I received a response from Conner Hats the very same day. I have since sent 5 emails with zero response. The images below show the unfinished seam on the hat that is way too big. The third photo shows the dented bowler hat and the last two images show the sewn inside seam of the Bowler hat. It's clear that the seam should be sewn closed. I have a lot of hats, mostly from Brixton, so I am fairly sure what a hat should look and feel like. At this point I can only dispute the entire charge with my bank after not getting resolution/response from Conner Hats since Dec. 5th. I am not sure if this is the typical customer service of Conner Hats, but this has been my experience. I suggest you only order one hat at a time and make sure the fit is as expected since the 2 hats I received are multiple sizes apart.

Hi Michele,

I do apologize for your not so positive first experience with us. We admit that we weren't on the money with responding quickly to you. However I do want to mention that a discount code was sent to you on the 13th of Dec at 2:10pm EST. Perhaps it was filtered to spam? Further to this, you can go through our returns link for a refund or exchange:

I've also sent a follow up email regarding the returns link so do check the spam folder just in case it too is filtered there.

Great Hat!!

Absolutely love this hat. Wear it every time I’m on stage.

Quality has declined

This was to replace the same model hat that was too small that I purchased a few years ago. There was a noticeable difference and not in a good way. Don't know if it's solely because of the change from "Genuine Steer Hide" to "Genuine Leather", but the newer version has a much less lustrous finish and just feels cheap. Returned it and the search for quality continues. Why do companies chose to make products worse instead of better?

Best ever

I own several hats,and this is my absolute favorite!!!

The hat I’ve been looking for

I received my new hat and couldn’t be happier, always wanted a waxed cotton hat with style and quality built in, this hat gives me everything I wanted, and the fit M was perfect as well as being comfortable to wear, some hats look great but the fit is wrong, this hat looks great and feels even better on,
Thanks Conner for offering the quality you do at fair prices
Rod Klomp, happy customer