The Essential 7-Day Beach Vacation Packing List

The Essential 7-Day Beach Vacation Packing List

Heading out to enjoy some long days under the sun? Whether you’re going international or just down to your local stretch of sand, this 7-day beach vacation packing list will ensure you don’t miss a thing. Plus, we’re sharing our top beach hat recommendations (and they just might make or break your trip).


Ah, vacation. There’s not much better than the feeling of stepping into a blissful week of worry-free and work-free time. And, well, there’s not much worse than realizing you’ve forgotten an essential item that you need for your trip.

To make sure that your beach time is free from that sinking feeling, we’re sharing a 7-day beach vacation packing list. As a company born and raised on the crystal clear waters of Byron Bay, Australia, we know a thing or two about what you really need for a waterfront vacation. Here’s what we’re filling our bags with this summer:

The Complete 7-Day Beach Vacation Packing List

While this packing list covers everything you’ll need for seven days of vacation, it can easily be paired down (or added onto) to encompass a shorter or longer trip. No matter how long your stay is, many of the essential items stay the same. And remember, beachfront living requires less than you think, so avoid the urge to overpack.

Clothing Essentials For A Beach Vacation

When it comes to packing clothing for the beach, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the materials you choose. Aim for light, airy fabrics such as linen. Choosing clothes made with breathable materials won’t just keep you cool, it’ll also automatically give your wardrobe a causally put-together feel that pairs perfectly with a salty breeze.

An easy way to see how many items you’ll need is to multiply the number of tops you plan to bring with the number of bottoms you plan to pack. If you pack clothing that can be worn with different tops and bottoms, you’ll see the exact number of outfits you can create. Dresses and Jumpsuits are stand-alone pieces, but they can often be worn multiple times with different jewelry or by adding a scarf or light jacket.

For a beach vacation, these are the clothing items you’ll want to pack:

  • Underwear
  • Socks 
  • Bras or undershirts
  • Pijamas 
  • sleeveless or short sleeve tops
  • Casual shorts and/or skirts
  • Casual pants and/or skirts
  • Dress pants (if needed)
  • Dress shirt or dresses/jumpsuits
  • Beach cover-up
  • Shawl or light jacket
  • Belt
  • Small purse or bag
  • Athletic clothing (if desired)
  • Jewelry (if desired)

Beach Vacation Packing List: Footwear 

Although many of your days will be spent in the sand, a well-picked variety of footwear will ensure that you’re comfortably and correctly dressed for a variety of activities. The footwear you pack will also depend on the type of beach vacation you’re planning. While a more casual vacation might consist of days and nights spent in beach sandals, a formal trip will likely require dressier loafers or high-heeled sandals.

To be prepared for a variety of situations, these are the shoes we recommend packing:

  • Beach sandals or flip flops
  • Casual walking shoes or sandals
  • Dressy loafers or sandals
  • Athletic sneakers

Beach Day Necessities

Headed out for a day in the sun? Beyond the right clothes and footwear, these are the items we always have on hand.

  • Beach bag or backpack
  • Large beach towel (we love this extra-packable linen towel)
  • Umbrella or sunshade
  • Portable speaker
  • Cooler, snacks, and water
  • Beach chair
  • Snorkeling gear (optional)
  • Beach shovel and toys (optional)
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Sun protection hat of choice

Don’t Forget The Sun Protection: Beach Hat 101

Just because you’re headed out to enjoy time under the sun, it doesn’t mean harmful rays aren’t out to get you. In fact, even just a few hours under harmful UV rays can seriously damage your skin. So the one thing you should never go to the beach without is a UPF-rated sun hat. While you’ll want to wear sunscreen too, a good sun hat is the easiest and best way to protect your delicate facial skin from sun damage. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish and UPF-rated hats to choose from. These are the tried and true beach hats that we rarely venture to the sand without:

Women's Beach Hats

Aussie Surf Organic Cotton Hat

Want something beachy and packable? This is the women's hat for you. Made with sturdy organic cotton, this women's beach hat can be flatted for easy, stress-free packing. No more worrying about cracked or wrinkled hats. And when you get to the beach, UPF 50+ protection has you covered day after day.

Our Favorite Beach Hat For Women: The Tuscany Wide-Brimmed Raffia Hat

This bohemian style is the beach hat women dream of. Made with organic, sustainably harvested raffia, it’s lightweight and breezy. And thanks to a durable, tight weave, this beach hat is also UPF 25+ rated.

Beach Hats For Men

Sahara Aussie Cotton Slouch Hat

This is one of our favorite beach hats for men. The soft and durable organic cotton makes it ideal for beach days and active adventures like fishing and boating. And with UPF 50+ protection and a wider brim, wearing this hat is a surefire way to keep yourself sunburn-free all vacation long.

Myrtle Beach Organic Raffia Hat

Be the epitome of beachfront cool in this organic raffia style. With hand-braided bands of raffia and sleek leather detailing, this men's beach hat is one that you’ll keep on your head every day of the trip.

Packing Tips For The Return Home

It’s never fun to talk about what happens when the vacation is over, but being prepared for your flight or drive home can make the trip easier. After a beach vacation, you’ll often end up with wet and sandy items. Consider packing travel cubes to store sandy items such as beach shoes and towels. And for those wet bathing suits, keep the moisture contained with a durable, watertight bag like this one.

Did this 7-day beach vacation packing list make you feel ready to hit the road? Keep your next sand-filled adventure safe with a UPF-rated beach hat.
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