Collection: Beach Hats

Having the good fortune to have grown up on the beach, Will Conner should know a thing or two about designing hats for the beach. A good beach hat should be able to get a little wet and a little crushed and still provide excellent sun protection.
Straw Hat Beach Hats Arizona Ladies Summer Raffia Hat

Collection Overview

Introducing our handcrafted Beach Hat Collection by Will Conner, inspired by a lifetime of sun, sand, and surf. Drawing upon his cherished beachside memories, Will brings to life hats that don't just protect from the sun but resonate with the true essence of the beach life. Whether you're lounging on the shore or diving into waves, our hats promise to be the perfect seaside companion.

Woman in straw beach hat

Product Highlight

The Brays Beach Sun Hat is hand-crafted from organic raffia, providing superior sun protection perfect for outdoor activities. It features a 3.25" brim, 4" crown, is crushable, and offers UV protection with a rating of UPF 25+. The hat has a premium soft inner terry stretch band for comfort, with labels printed using veggie dyes and FSC Certified tags. It is handmade in China, and is designed to keep you cool and comfortable while protecting against harsh UV rays.

Man with long hair in garden wearing straw Boho hat with two toned rope style hat band

Material Spotlight

Beach-Ready Robustness: The materials chosen for our Beach Hats are: Water-Resilient: A sudden splash or an unexpected drizzle? These hats are built to handle a little moisture. Flexible: A hat that can take a little squeeze and still bounce back to its original shape is a beach must-have. UV Protection: Designed to offer superior sun protection, ensuring you stay safe while soaking up the sun.

woman wearing wide brim straw sun protection hat smiling at bird of paradise flower

Why Choose Our Beach Hats

Expert Design: Inspired and designed by someone who understands the beach lifestyle inside out. Durable and Versatile: These hats withstand typical beach challenges, be it water, sun, or sand. Aesthetic Appeal: Every hat embodies the relaxed yet stylish vibe of the beach. Optimal Protection: Every beach hat is tailored to provide outstanding sun protection, ensuring you enjoy the beach worry-free.

Man in sunglasses wearing hand crocheted raffia straw sun hat with brown faux leather band

Styling Tips

Tropical Vibes: Pair a Beach Hat with a floral print dress or shirt for the ultimate beach party look. Casual Stroll: Team it up with a pair of shorts and a tank top for that easy breezy beachside walk. Sunset Lounge: Enhance your evening beach look with a Beach Hat, light cardigan, and comfortable sandals. Water Adventures: Wear your Beach Hat with your swimsuit and cover-up, and you're ready to dive into the waves. Dive into the world of Conner Hats' Beach Collection and discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection. Crafted for the beach lovers, by a beach lover. Dive deep, explore more, and always stay shaded with our exquisite range of Beach Hats.