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6 Winter Hat Styles That'll Make You Ditch Your Beanie Hat For Good

This winter, say goodbye to the beanie hat, and welcome in a stylish (but just as comfortable) alternative. 


Winter has arrived and it’s time to start prepping for the cold. You can lose a lot of your body heat through your head. So choosing the right hat is a practical decision. However, it’s also an opportunity to spice up your winter look. So, you have an important question to ask yourself: Do you go back to your old go-to beanie this season, or do you mix it up and try a new type of winter hat? If you’re ready to branch out, you came to the right place. So, gather around and get ready to learn about all the ways you can improve your look and stay warm with fashionable and functional winter hats. 

The Winter Hat Types To Try This Winter

It’s time to distinguish yourself from the masses and look “beyond the beanie.” There’s a whole array of winter hats to choose from that can elevate your look, keep you warm, and help you resist the elements. No matter what you’re looking for, there is a winter hat type for you that will help you stay warm and turn heads. Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy hat for your winter adventures, a chic accent to your city look, or a go-to practical option, we have you covered. 

Material Matters

When you’re choosing your winter hat, make sure to consider the material. Nothing beats the heat-retaining qualities of wool, which is why we recommend choosing a wool hat for your winter outings. The best hats for winter offer warmth, quality materials, and impeccable style. Our favorite styles for this season are berets, floppy hats, and outback hats. 

Winter Styles We Love

Berets are a classic and fun addition to your winter wardrobe. There’s just something about their dreamy, classic look that can’t be beaten. They offer all the comfort and packability of a beanie hat. But they’ll instantly elevate your look in a way no beanie can. 

If you’re looking for a winter hat with a brim, look no further than the fedora. Fedoras have been popular for decades, and for good reason. They offer timeless sophistication. And, can be paired with almost any outfit. Transitioning from summer fedoras to winter fedoras just requires a shift in fabric. Think wool, leather, or even suede. 

For a hat that can keep up with your rugged outdoor pursuits this winter, try an outback hat. These are the “jack of all trades” of the hat world. More compact than a cowboy hat but just as durable, outback hats have a useful medium-length brim that’ll keep the snow and rain off your face.


Winter Hats For Women: 3 Classy Options

womens winter wool hat

1. If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant winter hat that can do it all, The Black Diamond Wool Hat is for you. Made with 100% Australian cruelty-free wool, this winter hat is warm and weather resistant. It is also packable. So if you’re headed to the ski slopes this winter, you don't have to worry about this hat losing its shape before apres-ski. With a 2.5-inch brim, and a delicate leather hat band, The Black Diamond Wool Hat compliments any outfit. This winter hat with a brim can become your go-to staple for braving any weather. 


women wearing a french beret hat

2. Talk about upgrading your beanie! This French Beret is the perfect hat to add class and refinement to your look this winter. Not only is this beret a sophisticated accessory, but it is also functional. Wool can react to fluctuations in your body temperature because of tiny air pockets that circulate heat. As a result, wool hats will keep you warm when your body is cold, and cool when it's hot. The French Beret is the iconic winter hat style for women. 


woman wearing a floppy winter hat and smiling.

3. The ’70s called, and they want this hat to live on forever. The 1970 Australian Wool Floppy Hat is a beautiful wide-brimmed hat that comes in a variety of colors, but the unique turquoise details remain at the heart of each option. Choose black to really make that turquoise pop or go with a chocolate brown to add some warmth to the style. This fashionable winter hat is also practical. Each hat is rated at UPF 50+ and the 4-inch brim adds extra protection from the harsh winter rays. This winter hat is also water-repellent so you can take it out in the snow without worry. A little weather won’t harm this look.


Winter Hats For Men: 3 Fashionable Styles

man wearing a gambler style hat and black shirt.

1. Looking for a winter hat that can go from a day of work or adventure to a dinner? The Arizona Wool Gambler is the perfect fit. This classic style features a rounded crown and mid-length brim. Thanks to its material–100% cruelty-free wool– you’ll hardly feel the elements around you. This hat is water-repellent, wind resistant, and extremely insulating. Plus, you’ll stay warm in style thanks to a unique leather band detail.


man wearing a herringbone drivers cap

2. If you’re hoping to add an air of sophistication to your winter wardrobe, look no further. The Alfred Gentleman’s Herringbone Drivers Cap is made from a high-quality, cruelty-free wool blend and offers a delicate, yet durable, satin lining. This hat also packs down flat so, if you’re going on a trip with your friends or family over the holidays, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles on your favorite accessory. 


man wearing a wool outback hat and a flannel shirt.

3. The Flinders Outback Wool Hat is a staple of any man’s winter hat arsenal. This classic outdoor hat style is a must-have for any person who lives a life of adventure. Made from waterproof, crushable wool, this winter hat is ready for anything life throws at it. The hat features a suede band with contrast stitching, creating a classically rustic look that will compliment any outfit. Its UFP 50+ rating will protect your face from harsh winter rays.

Cold weather is no reason to say goodbye to style. Keep warm in looks you love: Shop winter wool hats made with 100% cruelty-free wool.

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