Best Fishing Hats For Men: Ultimate Guide - Conner Hats

Best Fishing Hats For Men: Ultimate Guide - Conner Hats

There’s nothing quite like a good hat to keep you cool, covered, and offer proper sun protection. This is what you should look for to find the best fishing hats for men.


When it comes to fishing, having the right gear can make all the difference. And one essential piece of gear for any angler is a good fishing hat. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs? Our guide to the best fishing hats for men covers everything from materials and features to style and comfort, so you can find the perfect hat for your next fishing trip. Let’s dive in!

Consider the Material

When choosing a fishing hat, the material is an important factor to consider. Look for hats made from lightweight and breathable materials like recycled plastic, weathered cotton, and hemp. These options will will keep you cool and comfortable on hot days. Of course, if you'll be fishing in colder weather, consider hats that’ll do lock in warmth. Look for hats made from cruelty-free wool for added warmth.

Look for Sun Protection

When spending long hours out on the water, it's important to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Look for fishing hats with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection, which can help shield your face and neck from the sun's rays. UPF-rated hats can protect your skin from up to 99.9% of UV rays. And, unlike sunscreen, you won’t have to worry about water or sweat washing away you sun protection.

Tip: When shopping for a UPF-rated hat, make sure it’s certified by a reputable organization. If a hat says “sun protection,” but doesn’t have a numbered rating (between UPF 25+ and UPF 50+), you might not be getting the protection you think.

Prioritize Durability And Water Resistance

When you’re out on the water, you need a fishing hat that can stand up to the elements. At the least, you’ll need a hat that is durable enough to handle strong sun without fading. And one that can withstand some scratches and stains. Plus, you might want a water resistant hat, or a hat that won’t be ruined if it gets a little wet. After all, you won’t want your day to be ruined if you hat flys into the water or if you have an accidental capsizing.

Choose the Right Brim Size

When choosing a fishing hat, the size of the brim is an important factor to consider. A wider brim can provide more sun protection for your face and neck, while a smaller brim may be more comfortable and less likely to get in the way while casting. Consider the type of fishing you'll be doing and the weather conditions you'll be facing when deciding on the right brim size for your hat. A brim that is too large or too small can impact your visibility and comfort while fishing. A good option is to look for fishing hats with neck flaps. This style will allow you to avoid a large brim. While still protecting your neck from the rays.

Check for Breathability

When spending long hours in the sun while fishing, it's important to choose a hat that is breathable to prevent overheating and discomfort. Look for hats made from materials like cotton, recycled plastic, or mesh that allow air to circulate and keep your head cool. Often, fishing hats will feature a band of mesh material to improve circulation around your head. This design is a great way to stay cool while still ensuring you receive quality sun protection.

Don't Forget About Style

While functionality is important when choosing a fishing hat, don't forget about style. A hat that looks good and fits well can boost your confidence and make your fishing experience more enjoyable. Consider hats with a classic, timeless design that can be worn for years to come. Additionally, choose a hat that complements your personal style and matches your fishing gear. When you find a well-made fishing hat that’s made to last, you’ll have an essential piece of your fishing set up for years to come.

Top Fishing Styles

Still not sure where to start? Check out these made-for-fishing options:


man wearing a flannel shirt and a cotton fishing hat

Sun Protection Hat

This waterproof, UPF 50+ accessory is sure to become your favorite. Designed from weathered cotton, it’s leather-like look offers an instantly cool, broke-in style. But the material is more lightweight and entirely crushable, making it an easy choice for fishing.


man walking through a field wearing a fishing hat with a neck flap and chin strap.

Fishing Hat With Neck Flap

This UPF 40+ style has everything you need in a stellar waterside companion. Made with stretchy and lightweight recycled plastic, it features a slim mesh band around the crown for added breathability. When sun protection is a serious concern, the stowable back neck flap can be used. Your neck will never have to feel the stinging pain of a sunburn again!


man wearing a white button down shirt and a white straw fishing hat

Straw Fishing Hat

Prefer to keep your fishing attire a bit more classy? This white straw hat offers all the benefits you need on the water. And, it’ll be right at home off the water, too. Featuring UPF 50+ sun protection, a mid-size brim, and a stretch terry inner band. This straw fishing hat is stylish, comfortable, and ready for adventure.


man wearing a white t-shirt and a dark green mesh fishing hat

Breathable Outdoor Hat

This style is best for the hottest of days. With a crown made of mesh, it just might be the lightest-weight hat you’ve ever worn. Enjoy the shade from its mid-sized brim without trapping in any heat around your head. And, if you happen to get in a bind, this hat is entirely crushable. So there’s no need to worry about it getting a little bent out of shape.

When your favorite days are spent down by the water, it’s worth it it find the best fishing hat for your kit. So, choose a durable, breathable, and UPF-rated hat. Your days on the water will thank you.

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