Hats To Protect From The Sun: Are Some Styles Better Than Others?

Hats To Protect From The Sun: Are Some Styles Better Than Others?

As summer comes into full swing, you might be looking for ways to stay sun safe. And using hats to protect from the sun is an easy way to keep sunburns at bay. But not all sun protection hats are created equal.

If you’re searching for the ultimate form of protection from the sun, a good hat is it. There’s no need to worry about reapplying your sunscreen or getting wet when you’re already covered. But if you’re trusting a hat to protect your face from the elements, you need to make sure it’s really got you covered. If you’re not sure about the quality of your hat, these tips will help you find hats for sun protection that are guaranteed to keep you free from harmful UV rays.

Best Styles Of Hats For Sun Protection

The best sun protection hats have brims that are big enough to fully cover your face and neck. These styles are great choices for all-day coverage

Bucket Hats

Featuring a mid-sized brim that wraps around the entire hat, bucket hats are a favorite of laid-back outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, and hikers. This style is usually made of a comfortable material such as cotton, which makes it ideal for longer activities outdoors.

Outback Hats

With a wide brim that dips down in the front and back, the outback style is extremely protective. You’ll always be covered in this shade-giving style. Plus, if it happens to turn from sun to rain, this style is great at keeping the drops off your face.

Floppy Hats

For those that want great cover for the face, chest, and even the back of the neck, floppy hats are the perfect choice. This extra-wide brim hat style can offer some of the best sun protection– just make sure it’s made of the right material.

Choosing Hats To Protect From Sun: What Material Is Best?

When you’re choosing hats for sun protection, what they’re made of is just as important as the style. While some hats might look big enough to keep you out of the sun, if the material doesn’t properly block the sun, you’re not really safe from harsh rays. These materials are durable and thick, making them great for sun protection hats.

Organic Cotton

This soft and comfortable hat material is a favorite of gardeners. And for good reason. It’ll absorb sweat on hot days, it’s typically quite packable, and it’ll keep the rays from your head and skin, without a doubt.

Cruelty-Free Wool

Did you know that cruelty-free wool is especially good at regulating temperatures? This means that it’ll keep you warm in cold weather, while pulling heat and sweat away from you when it’s hot. This makes wool an ideal option for those who want a year-round sun protection hat.

Recycled Plastic

It doesn’t get much more durable than this material. Recycled plastic not only keeps plastic waste out of landfills, it provides a stretchy and lightweight material that’s great for sun protection.

Tightly Woven Straw

When it’s made with care, straw can be a very sun-safe choice. But you need to make sure that any straw hat you choose is made with very tightly woven straw. Options such as toyo are ideal, as these hats are designed to block rays while keeping the lightweight breathability that makes straw hats so great.

Bottom Line: Always Pick UPF Rated Sun Protection Hats 

Figuring out the best hats to protect from sun can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider. The easiest way to find a hat for sun protection that you can trust is by looking for a UPF rating. UPF, which stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is a system of rating how well a material protects from UV rays.

UPF ratings are only given to some materials, and here at Conner Hats, we only give a UPF rating to hats that have a brim length of two inches or more. Others may not, but we believe that if  a hat doesn’t really cover your face, it’s not a solid source of sun protection.

To make sure your sun protection hat is properly rated, look for a company that tests their hats to guarantee their UPF rating. Hats with a UPF rating of 50+ offer the best protection, but any hat with a 25+ UPF offers quite good protection. To ensure a hat rating is legitimate, look for a third-party testing certification, such as the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

Sun Protection Hats For Women: 3 UPF 50+ Styles

women's sun protection hats

McCloud Sun Protection Hat

This wide brim floppy hat offers the best protection for your entire face, chest, and neck. It’s a favorite of gardeners, but it looks just as at-home on the beach or a BBQ.


women's UPF sun protection hat

Hiker Bucket Hat

Sun protection hats don’t have to be complicated to keep you safe. This streamlined style is made of uber-comfortable organic cotton, with a stretchy inner band that will keep your face sweat-free on any adventure.


sun protection hat for women

Mt. Warning Wool Boho Hat

Perfect for year-round outings, this cruelty-free wool style is a softer take on the classic outback hat style. In addition to being UPF 50+ rated, it’s water resistant and crushable.

Sun Protection Hats For Men: 3 Styles With Ultimate Coverage

mens sun protection hat

Bounty Hunter Water Resistant Hat

It doesn’t get much better than this heavy-duty hat. Made of nearly indestructible weathered cotton, the Bounty Hunter is ready to keep you sun safe on any journey. The outback design of this hat offers extra protection tot he front of your face, and you can shape the brim as you like.


UPF rated hat for men

Down Under Leather Hat

Now this is a style that only gets better with age. Carefully treated leather makes this hat rated for UPF 50+ protection, completely waterproof, and ready for long days spent in the harshest conditions.


sun protection hat for men

Sun Shield Recycled Boater Hat

If you need extra protection for the sunniest conditions, look no further. This UPF 50+ style features a stow-able back shield that keeps your neck completely covered. If you’re on the water, this hat also floats!

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