Sri Lanka Adventures

Sri Lanka Adventures

If you have ever dreamed of an exotic location with friendly people, yummy food, great surf and tropical beaches, Sri Lanka could be the place for you.

Crystal Fitzgerald, one of our favorite hat test pilots sent us some beautiful shots from her trip and tips on great places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is one of our favorite spots and it’s the home of the family business that makes all of our recycled hats. We take used plastic bottles that would have ended up in a landfill or the ocean and turn them into beautiful sun protective hats.


Hikkaduwa for waves, shopping and good times. My lady friends and I made this our first stop and all want to go back, a few of us already have. It has a touristy vibe, yet small town charm. Locals are friendly and lots of little restaurants/accommodation on the beach with shops on the main street just behind them. Surf here was awesome, fun beachies and a reef. Does get a little crowded and bit seedy though still fun and surprisingly mellow.

Marissa, go here for Spa's and the night life. Every night of the week there is a different spot that has its 'night' for dancing. Fun for a boogie and late night swim as all the places are right on the beach, has kind of Goa like vibe to it, and comes alive at night. Where to Stay, head up to the far corner nearest to the headland on the north end of the beach there are a few little places to stay there. Food, there are heaps of places, Number 1 Roti and Zephyer are good places to start.

Madiha, close to Marissa, great spot to stay for a while, heaps more chilled out and slowed down pace and still just 20mins away from Marissa and Willagama. 

Where to stay in Madiha: Comfortable, clean and boho lux surf accommodation do stay at the Madiha Surf House, run by Paul, the coolest Frenchman I know.  Paul is a rad surfer, and keeps the place full with awesome local staff, good vibes and interesting guests, I can't wait to get back here, having one of the best waves in the area just out front is a super bonus!

Eats in Madiha: For sweet Aussie vibes have a pizza and listen to live music at the Doctors House off the main street headed south, and enjoy the humor, camaraderie, and surf stories of owner Barrah and his mates who love a game of cricket on the front lawn.  the best coffee on the coast in one of the whimsical cabanas beneath the trees at Coffee Point cafe.

If you want to adventure in Sri Lanka with Crystal and her friends she will be offering a Soft Adventure to a secret location next year, she found an amazing place during her trip and fell in love with it.

Hat test pilots are: 

Chrystal Fitzgerald

Anna Ehrgott

Ishita Malaviya

Lex Weinstein



Photos are by Crystal, and Nick Green


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