France to Australia on foot

France to Australia on foot

Lau Tau stated, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step”. There is nothing I could say to capture what this group of guys must have endured walking 11,200 miles, for seven years, from France to Australia. The only way I could ever possibly come close is to walk a quick 1,200 miles and, even then, I’d have 10,000 to go! If you decide you want to go for it, please let me know because I have a hat you will need.

One of the walkers, Killian, used our Bac Pac Traveller hat (hand made in Byron bay, Australia) for four years before it finally lost its ability to shade. Killian got in contact with me at that point and I sent him a replacement. That was over three years ago now and, if my memory is correct, we were trying to figure out an address in China to send him that hat.

Here are a few words from Killian to give you a quick glimpse into his (and our hat’s) adventure. Also check out his website for more info:

“Undertaking the challenge to literally walk around the world, to not only see it but more meaningfully feel it. The aim is to cross entire continents far from the asphalt ways to experience a back shifted exoticism. During my 7 years walk, I crossed the whole range of climates that spread from Europe to Oceania. I slept in tent by -28°C. I walked by +50°C, a literally head spinning temperature. I faced severe dehydration to a point where I was not thinking straight. I stayed under the humidity of the rainforest canopy until I started experiencing what's called "jungle rot". I Walked 3 weeks over 4000m in a planned underfed state due to the huge distance that stretch between two villages in the Tibetan plateau. During all this challenges my BC hat never failed me and was more than just a hat, using it every single day, a potholder, a pillow, a sit, a bucket. My first hat lasted over 4 years under these conditions and when he finally died, one of his twin ensured the continuity.”



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Wow. I thought I was a lost wanderer in this life, a traveler..
You win.

Best wishes.


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